Lawyer trump became involved in the case

Lawyer trump became involved in the case


Адвокат Трампа стал фигурантом уголовного дела

Lawyer suspected of trying to hide negative information about your client

Personal lawyer of the President of trump Michael Cohen – “is involved in a criminal investigation,” said on Friday the U.S. Department of justice.

The day before Cohen went to court, demanding to prohibit the use within investigation about the Russian intervention in the election campaign of 2016, materials and electronic files discovered in his home and office during a search last Monday. In answer to the Prosecutor of new York reported that the searches and seizures of dokumentow was made with the approval of a Federal judge, issued in connection with the investigation, “the defendant is”Cohen.

In the official statement not reported on what charges a criminal case.

However, the response of the Prosecutor’s office in new York for the first time given details of the searches conducted by investigators from the team of spectacular Mueller, in charge of the investigation about the Russian intervention.

As follows from the document, on Monday, April 9, the searches took place in the house Cohen, one of the hotel rooms, as well as the lawyer’s office. Was also examined by the banking unit and the resulting “access to electronic media”.

According to us media reports, investigators were interested in documents that indicate attempts to conceal negative information about candidate trump before the election.

Counsel Michael Cohen called the operation, conducted by a group of spectacular, “outrageous and not needed,” saying that the investigators grossly violated the law on secret negotiations between a lawyer and his client.