Lawyer Trump Organization, spoke about the attempts of contacts with the Kremlin

Lawyer Trump Organization, spoke about the attempts of contacts with the Kremlin


Юрист Trump Organization рассказал о попытках контактов с Кремлем

Michael Cowan reported that he had discussed with the trump project is the construction of a skyscraper in Moscow and appealed for assistance to the press Secretary of Putin Dmitry Peskov

Lawyer Trump Organization Michael Cohen three times discussed with Donald trump promising construction project in Moscow during the election campaign.

About it, Cowan said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

It is reported that in 2015, informed trump, then presidential candidate, about his work on obtaining license for the construction of the Trump Tower skyscraper in Moscow.

In October 2015 he received trump’s signature under the statement of intent for the project, which were not of a binding nature. But later, in January of 2016, he informed the candidate about the rejection of the project. According to Cohn, each of these conversations was short.

Contacts Cohn with the President about the Moscow project may be subject to inspections in connection with the letter, directed Cowen to the press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in which he asked him to provide “assistance” in reaching agreement.

According to Cowen, he did not tell Trump about the letter, Dmitry Peskov did not answer the question of why he did it.

In Peskov’s letter Cohen noted that the contacts between the Trump Organization and a Russian company, which was supposed to build a skyscraper, “has stalled.”

“Because this project is too important, I ask You to help,” he wrote.

An email was sent to the press service, but was addressed to Peskov, said a source familiar with its contents.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cohen said that he doesn’t remember getting a response from Peskov and decided to abandon the project after a few weeks.

Sands did not respond to a request for comment, the newspaper said.