Leap Motion has announced a new platform for augmented reality tracking of...

Leap Motion has announced a new platform for augmented reality tracking of hand movements


Company Leap Motion, which has been designing gestural interfaces, has announced an ambitious but still very crude plan to establish a platform of augmented reality in their system hand tracking. The system is called Project North Star and includes the design of the headset, which, according to the company, will cost less than $ 100 for large-scale production. The headset will be equipped with Leap Motion sensor, so users can accurately manipulate objects with his hands. The company had previously proposed such a solution only for desktop PCs and displays virtual reality.

Project North Star will not be a new headset for users and for developers version at the moment will not be sold. Instead, the company will issue mandatory specifications of the hardware and software in the form of the license open source next week.

“We hope that it will inspire a new generation of experimental AR system which shifted the focus from discussions on the topic of how to look like AR system on what should be experience with them,” the company wrote.

The headset design uses two fast-changing 3.5-inch LCD display with a resolution of 1600 x 1440 for each eye. The display reflects the light to the visor, which the user sees in the form of a transparent coating. Leap Motion says it has the field of view of 95 degrees vertical and 70 degrees horizontal, are more than welcome to offer other AR systems. Leap Motion sensor is located above the eyes and tracks the movement of the arms in a wider field of view, approximately 180 degrees horizontally and vertically.

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— Keiichi Matsuda (@keiichiban) 27 Feb 2018

Leap Motion has said it is interested in running the software to a greater extent than in the creation of the headset. Leap Motion sensor already can be placed on mixed reality headset HoloLens.

And although Leap Motion promises the best price, and field review, Project North Star will not be one of the devices like HoloLens and Magic Leap. It will provide excellent communication with the owner, but will not be able to track movement throughout the room, interact with the environment and will not be sufficient in design. It would only help small players in the experiments with the hardware.