Levi Strauss is suing Kenzo because of the flag on the pocket

Levi Strauss is suing Kenzo because of the flag on the pocket


Levi Strauss судится с Kenzo из-за флажка на кармане

The American company Levi Strauss & Co. filed a lawsuit with a claim to the French fashion house Kenzo.

Kenzo, part of the LVMH group Moët Hennessy accused of violating trademark rights. According to the lawsuit, Kenzo used the distinctive detail of Levi’s – vertical flag on back pocket, which allows you to see the products of Levi Strauss, not reading the names in his new line of clothes is the singer Britney Spears.

Levi’s appealed to the district court of San Francisco for fear of losing sales of their products and suffer “irreparable and not susceptible estimates of the damage”, which can lead to potential confusion.

In the lawsuit, Levi’s notes that since 1936, uses the characteristic vertical flags with the company name sewn to the left rear pocket of my jeans to make their products recognizable.

It is reported that Kenzo did not respond to a written complaint about the violation of the exclusive right to a trademark, a requirement to cease the production and selling of clothing with the check boxes that resemble the box on the pockets of Levi Strauss products, including launched last month the collection-Britney Spears-La Collection Memento No.

Levi Strauss requires to compensate for lost profits damages, as well as to stop further violations of trademark rights.

For Lev”s lawsuits are not uncommon. From 2001 to 2007, for example, companies filed nearly a hundred lawsuits against competitors. With increasing market denim products and the emergence of an increasing number of new players, Levi’s had to protect the rights of not only the box but also on the stitching of the arch on the pockets – the figure in the shape “eagle beak” is another feature of Levi’s, present on all jeans brand.