“Like the hat on the thief…”

“Like the hat on the thief…”


Political analyst Alexei Mukhin about the background and consequences of the arrest of the speaker

The incident with the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukaev, of course, should not be considered from a conspiracy point of view, as the beginning of a large-scale process. The fact that this same process has been going on for some time and is called the “systemic fight against corruption” in government, on its different floors.

This is repeatedly voiced by the President of Russia, and heads of relevant departments. To ignore the relevant signals coming from the Supreme power, is simply impossible. However, as it turns out, the elementary caution, prudence and, most importantly, common sense is sometimes denied even very experienced, seasoned officers.

At the time of the arrest in similar circumstances and red-handed Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh were sensitive image-reputational blow to the non-system opposition. Last thought of the Kirov, the head of the iconic person, a good example of a regional leader, but as you know, miscalculated.

The incident with the Minister Alexei Ulyukaev will be strong reputational blow to the liberal economic bloc of the Russian government. Its consequences are yet to be determined, but the Supreme power in such cases prefer to act with caution.

Take, for example, the situation around the same Nikita Belykh: while law enforcement and investigative agencies do not have their say, he stayed on as Governor even after his arrest. In this case there is also no reason to believe that the power to change this model, however, the findings, including human, in the end to do, apparently, have.

Characteristic is the fact that the Investigative Committee of Russia, according to statements, he has no claim to the deal “Bashneft”, which indirectly led to the incident. In any case, Rosneft no complaints.

Moreover, the company itself played a role in the actions of law enforcement and investigation. However, as is clear from the documents at this stage, the Investigating Committee, it is clear that the Minister seems to have acted in search of illegal remuneration for the performance of their duties and in fact, judging by the way this situation looks, apparently, were an almost blackmail against Rosneft, creating obstacles for the individual transactions.

Remember how varied his position in Rosneft, which it then denied the right to participate specifically in the privatization of “Bashneft”, calling the state-owned company improperly by the buyer, then, to the surprise of the President of Russia, announced them about a month ago, agreed with her.

Touching, but as a psychological compensation for its conduct, the Minister at the time, even wrote a poem: “Like a hood on the thief Shine a myriad of stars…”. It seems that the Minister has indeed “found the bottom”, not only the Russian economy, as he has repeatedly and publicly argued, and their own.

The author is General Director of the Center for political information

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