LUKOIL thinking about selling one-third of Russian gas stations

LUKOIL thinking about selling one-third of Russian gas stations


The company may make such a measure because of the decline in their profitability

Photo: RIA NOVOSTI/Kirill Kallinikov

The company LUKOIL is considering the possibility to sell 700 gas stations in the Central part of Russia due to the fall in their profitability. Almost a third of the total number of stations (2544). 700 filling stations — almost the entire network of the company in the Vladimir, Orenburg, Orel, Kostroma and Bryansk regions, as well as part of the assets of the Chuvash Republic and the Moscow region.

The average margin of filling stations in 2016 in these regions reached 2 thousand rubles per 1 ton of sold fuel. In the first quarter of 2017 due to the tax maneuver and increase the excise tax revenue declined by 25 times to 8 rubles per 1 ton from 1 January 2017 the rate of the excise tax on gasoline has not changed — 10,13 thousand rubles per 1 ton, and diesel fuel increased to 6.8 thousand rubles. The increase of excise duties is associated with the fall in world oil prices, reports “Days.Ru“. At the same time is constrained by the rising price of gasoline, which contributes to the decline in the profitability of gas stations. The company complain that they are obliged to control the quality of gasoline, to invest in the development of gas stations — and this is despite falling demand and lower profitability.

The company said that currently negotiations with specific customers, not being, however, management determined, according to RBC. Selling can be carried out in three stages in parts, and a single lot if you are a serious buyer.

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