Machine instead of the phone: SIM-card of MTS will be installed in...

Machine instead of the phone: SIM-card of MTS will be installed in Toyota cars


Photo: Vitaly Belousov/RIA Novosti

Mobile operators are facing market saturation begins to increase its subscriber base at the expense of the owners. MTS agreed to install their SIM-cards in the most sold models in Russia Toyota

That SIM card of MTS will now be installed in the cars Toyota, RBC said the representative of the operator Dmitry Solodovnikov. He said that the cooperation with the automaker will be arranged through the supplier of automotive electronics — Emirates Group (Toyota’s supplier). According to the approved scheme, Emirates buys MTS modems with telematic SIM cards, which are offered as an option to buyers of cars in the dealer centres of Toyota in Russia, said the CEO of Emirates Group Denis Smirnov. In a press-service of OOO “Toyota Motor” (the official importer of the automaker in Russia) confirmed this cooperation.

Smartphone on wheels

According to Dmitry Solodovnikov, the partners will install the modems with SIM cards in the multimedia system while the two Toyota models — the Camry and RAV4 (both Cadillac Exclusive). But the exact amount of the planned supply contract is not recorded, adds Denis Smirnov. According to the Association of European businesses, Camry and RAV4 — the best-selling models in the Toyota lineup in Russia (without further specification) and included in the top twenty most popular cars among Russians: in January—September 2016 sale Toyota RAV 4 increased by 14.3% to 23.7 per thousand vehicles, sales of the Toyota Camry was down 7%, to 21.6 thousand cars. The dealer network of Toyota in Russia includes 107 shops sales.

A new decision from the operator allows smartphone use maps, listen to online music and watch videos using the multimedia system of the car. In the future the list of services may expand at the expense of the search functions on the Internet, possible upgrades FOR the car, the service centre, Wi-Fi Internet access for passengers. A motorist will make a decision about installing a multimedia system with SIM card when purchased in the dealer showroom and himself pay for a connection.

Toyota specify that in the case of interest from other suppliers of accessories and other mobile operators designed for car owners can expand.

Operators go to the automakers

As has told a source close to the cellular operator, similar negotiations on the installation of their SIM cards MTS leads with AVTOVAZ and Renault. Representatives of both automakers declined to comment on future projects. In a press-service of AVTOVAZ has specified that on the last Moscow motor show, the company introduced a telematics platform Lada Connect to control the car using the app on the smartphone, and the first LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY with Connect scheduled for release in early 2017.

“We plan in the future to extend cooperation with other automakers, said Dmitry Solodovnikov, without specifying who conducted such negotiations. — In the future MTS intends to negotiate on installing SIM cards in vehicles on the Assembly line, not when you purchase in the showroom”.

The output of operators in the automotive market is an opportunity to increase its subscriber base to the already crowded market of cellular communication and services. According to AC&M Consulting, as of the second quarter of 2016, the penetration of mobile services accounted for 176% in the country and 233% in Moscow. According to MTS, at the end of June, the company served 4 million SIM cards in the segment of M2M (Machine-to-Machine), a quarter more than the year before. In particular, this form of remote control devices used in security systems, ATMs, POS terminals, and medicine. According to the representative of MTS, transport remains the most popular industry M2M applications — 43% of all telematic SIM cards installed on the transport in Russia — in taxi, public and freight transport. According to PwC, the global market of connected car in the segment of passenger cars by the end of 2020 will have increased almost four times — up to €113 billion against €31 billion in 2015. According to the forecast E&Y, by 2025 the world will be 104 million “connected cars”.

Other Russian operators also consider the car market as a new source of income and start M2M projects. In particular, in the present SIM card “VimpelCom” set in Kia and Hyundai Genesis G90 (used M2M modules Swiss Bright Box). The service allows you to remotely control the seat heating, door lock, vehicle location and route (solution for Hyundai — more and Wi-Fi). But in this case, the user needs a smartphone, while the draft MTS for the use of data services device is not necessary. Yota planned to provide mobile Internet all Tesla cars (mission not yet open), sold in Russia, and to cooperate with other manufacturers connected car.

“VympelCom” carries on negotiations with other automakers on M2M cooperation, said RBC representative of the operator, without specifying details.