Mark Zuckerberg testifying in the House of representatives

Mark Zuckerberg testifying in the House of representatives


Марк Цукерберг дает показания в Палате представителей

The head of Facebook faced tough questions about the security of user data in two Senate committees

On Wednesday, the founder and CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg testifying in hearings before the Committee on energy and Commerce of the house of representatives.

The subject of today’s hearings, like those that took place yesterday in the Senate, is a large – scale leak of personal data of users of Facebook that led to the fact that these 87 million people were without their knowledge at the disposal of the British company Cambridge Analytica, for which he ran the campaign headquarters of Donald trump to work with probable supporters for the 2016 elections.

The focus of the legislators is the transparency and security of the personal data in social networks.

“Obviously, had the violation occurred in consumer confidence and, probably, improper data transfer,” – said the head of the legal Committee Chuck Grassley at a hearing on Tuesday.

“It was my mistake and I apologize,’ said Zuckerberg. – I founded Facebook, and I run by them. And I am responsible for everything that happens there”.

He promised that the company Facebook will identify and, if necessary, will take other firms to obtain access to its platform, and will also give 2,2 billion users the ability to isolate itself from the “third force”.

Answering the questions of legislators, Zuckerberg said, however, that learning in 2015 that Cambridge Analytica collects the data, they led the company did not notify the Federal trade Commission.

“If you and other social networks will not take control of the situation, none of us will have no privacy, – said a leading Democrat in the Committee on trade bill Nelson. – If Facebook and other Internet companies will not stop or fail to stop the violation of inviolability of personal data, it will have to do for us Congress”.