Mattis arrived in Ukraine for talks on military cooperation

Mattis arrived in Ukraine for talks on military cooperation


Мэттис прибыл в Украину для переговоров о военном сотрудничестве

The U.S. military approves of supplying Kyiv with weapons of a lethal nature, but this proposal has not yet agreed the President trump

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Ukraine for talks on expanding U.S. support for the Ukrainian armed forces in their fight against Pro-Russian separatists.

Kiev hopes to receive from the United States weapons of a lethal nature, including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons to counter the separatists, who occupied a large territory in Eastern Ukraine.

Although the Pentagon has supported this step, describing the proposed weapons as “defensive,” President Donald trump is not yet approved the proposal, fearing that supplies will lead to escalation of the conflict.

As expected, in the meetings with the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak and the President of Petro Poroshenko on Thursday Mattis promised that Washington would continue to support the non-lethal nature, and renews rejection of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014.

However, the Ukrainian government remains hopeful for the supply of more advanced weapons from the United States.

“From the very first days of Russian aggression, we appeal to all countries to assist us in the form of lethal weapons. So far only Lithuania has provided us with such assistance, – said the Poltorak, in an interview with reporters in Kyiv on Wednesday. – We continue to wait and are ready to get a lethal weapon. But this solution does not depend on us, and from our partner countries. We hope that this support”.

In Washington Republican Senator John McCain has made new appeals to provide assistance to Ukraine lethal nature.

“The United States is long past time to provide Ukraine with defensive lethal aid nature in which it needs to deter and defend itself against further Russian aggression,” – said on Wednesday, McCain, the influential Chairman of the Senate Committee on armed forces.

After the change of course in Afghanistan trump “now have the same opportunity in Ukraine,” the Senator said.

Influential Republican from Arizona, said that the supply orgia Ukraine “does not contradict peaceful settlement of the conflict, and are of great importance to achieve it”.

“Still the status quo, Russia has no reason to change their behavior and we should expect only further violence and more deaths”, he said.

The conflict between Pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian troops began in 2014 when Pro-Russian forces occupied a separate territory in Eastern Ukraine, and claimed the lives of over 10 thousand people.

He also became one of the main causes of tension in relations between Washington and Moscow. The United States imposed against Russia harsh economic sanctions in connection with the annexation of Crimea and support for Ukrainian separatists.

The Ukrainian-Russian conflict has become a challenge for the US President Donald trump.

Speaking in Warsaw in July, trump criticized Russia for its “destabilizing” actions in Ukraine. But while he did not agree with the recommendations of the Pentagon about expanding military support to Ukraine, including the supply of defensive weapons.

On Monday Poroshenko with optimism talked about the upcoming conversation with Mattis.

“I am confident that these negotiations will be extremely important to strengthen the defense capability of our state. Because trouble know real friends”, – he said.

Thursday Mattis will take part in celebrations on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of independence of Ukraine from Russia.

The current government of Ukraine aims to join NATO and hopes to strengthen cooperation in this regard.