Mattis expressed hope for improved relations with Vietnam

Mattis expressed hope for improved relations with Vietnam


Мэттис выразил надежду на улучшение отношений с Вьетнамом

According to the head of the Pentagon, the war that the United States and Vietnam were half a century ago, is not an obstacle to this

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis on Wednesday commended Viet Nam for its support of UN sanctions against North Korea and expressed the hope that Washington and Hanoi to establish stronger relations in the sphere of defense, despite the fact that previously fought each other.

“They stepped up and supported UN sanctions”, – he declared to journalists accompanying him in the flight to Hanoi from Jakarta, where he participated in negotiations at a high level and watched the colorful demonstrations of the Indonesian special forces.

Pentagon chief arrives in Vietnam a few days before the 50th anniversary of the Tet offensive, which became a turning point in the US war with Communist North Vietnam. Mattis, who was not involved in the war, stated that it is not a hindrance to the current relationship.

“It’s in our past,” he said.

Mattis noted that due to the proximity of Vietnam to the South China sea, he is a key player in disputes with China concerning the belonging of Islands, shoals and other small plots of land among the waters. Between Vietnam and China, it was also a war on the border of the two countries in 1979.

“Because of its coastline and position, they will form the basis of any prosperity [in the region],” said Mattis, calling it one of the reasons for the desire for closer relations in the field of defense.