Mattis: U.S. will not abandon a diplomatic solution to the North Korean...

Mattis: U.S. will not abandon a diplomatic solution to the North Korean problem


Мэттис: США не отказываются от дипломатического решения северокорейской проблемы

The defense Minister commented on the statement trump that “talking is not a solution”

The US defence Secretary Jim Mattis said that the US is “in no way do not abandon diplomatic methods” against the North Korean crisis, although President Donald trump earlier on Wednesday said that “talk is not the solution”.

Mattis made this statement, answering the question about the tweet trump dedicated the next test of a ballistic missile in the DPRK.

“The United States had conversations with North Korea and paid her extortion money for 25 years. The talk is not the solution!” – trump wrote on Twitter.

Mattis on Wednesday adopted in the Pentagon’s South Korean counterpart to discuss with him how to respond to the next provocation of North Korea.

“We continue to cooperate, and our Minister have a duty to protect our countries, our citizens and our interests… and to seek areas for cooperation,” said Mattis.

North Korea acknowledged that on Tuesday launched a ballistic missile over the territory of Japan, stating that this was done in response to joint military exercises the US and South Korea.

Meanwhile, in Geneva the US Ambassador on disarmament Robert wood called for “coordinated action” in response to the “growing threat” from the DPRK, calling it a major “challenge to international security”.

“We need to respond to serious threats against US and our allies, he said. – We want to make clear to North Korea that the United States has undeniable potential and an indomitable will to defend itself and its allies.”

On Wednesday, the North Korean news Agency KCNA quoted a statement by the country’s leader Kim Jong-UN, who compared the training launch of a ballistic missile medium-range Hwasong-12 “real war” and called it the first step towards operations in the Pacific and “significant prelude to the containment of GUAM”.

In recent days, amid joint military exercises the U.S. and South Korea, the rhetoric between North Korea and the U.S. escalated.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy announced that on Wednesday they managed to successfully shoot down medium-range ballistic missiles off the coast of Hawaii as part of the testing of defense systems.

The Director of the missile defense Agency Lieutenant General Sam greaves said: “We will continue to develop the technologies of missile defense, to stay ahead of the threat as it develops”.