Matvienko on meetings: it is not necessary to pretend that nothing is...

Matvienko on meetings: it is not necessary to pretend that nothing is happening


The Federation Council speaker stressed that we need to more actively engage in dialogue with different sectors of society

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The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, commented on the situation with rallies held in several Russian cities.

She said that several senators have put forward this question for discussion.

“Today this issue was discussed at a meeting of the Council of the Federation. It was put forward by several senators. We certainly believe that we need to analyze what’s going on with the rallies. And absolutely right senators, who spoke about the need to more actively engage in dialogue with different sectors of society,” said Matvienko reporters.

She also added that the authorities should not pretend that nothing is happening:

“We have a special advice for working with civil society institutions. It is obvious that he needs more intensive work, the broader development of formats for such processes of dialogue society was in the regions. We have to think about it and to work with people, to explain, to go in the public field. Power should not just say and pretend that nothing is happening,” — said the Senator.

Matvienko has reminded that the Constitution provides for the right of citizens to gather in peaceful Assembly, rallies and marches and this is guaranteed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

“Authorities at all levels must create the conditions so that this right is implemented”, she said, noting that the law prescribes the terms of such shares.

“And one of these conditions is the coordination of the venue of the rally,” she said.

According to the Senator, is “not a whim”, as the authorities responsible for the safety of people.

“Definitely got to get out of those places that do not violate the movement of motorists, pedestrians, so it doesn’t violate landscaping and green areas. And in every city, every region needs to be determined such places which are suitable for holding mass rallies and marches,” she said.

Matvienko stressed that the rally organizers should coordinate with the public authorities and the venue.

“If they believe that the government unreasonably refused to hold a rally in the place where they are wanted, then this is the judiciary, it is necessary to go to court to challenge the ban of the authorities about holding a rally in this place. But unauthorized rallies are in a greater danger to the protesters,” — said Matvienko.

She added that the organizers have no right and should not encourage or provoke people to come to meetings which are unauthorised, as it is a violation of applicable law.

According to Matvienko, the authorities in the event of unauthorized rallies can not be held responsible for safety. Matvienko stressed that we should avoid confrontation with officers of law enforcement agencies. “Any state is always strictly punished”, — she said.

“The practice of detaining those who violate the law, is not only in our country but also abroad. Just two days ago, it was reported that in France, at a similar rally were detained 30 people who opposed the law enforcement agencies violate the law,” she added.

Matvienko stressed that the organizers of rallies assert themselves at the expense of the citizens: “of Course I would like to such detention was not, and our people were all law-abiding. And this applies particularly to the organizers of the rally: it is not necessary to assert themselves at the expense of having to let people down and put them in a situation where they are forced to violate the law,” he stressed.

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