Matvienko: we must learn the lessons of history

Matvienko: we must learn the lessons of history


Christine Muttonen supported the idea of the speaker of Light of the Federation to create an anti-terrorism Committee, the OSCE parliamentary Assembly

Photo: press service of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation

To combat terrorism is possible only at Association of efforts of the international community, including close cooperation between Russia and European countries. To such conclusion participants of the parliamentary conference on combating international terrorism held in St. Petersburg in the interaction of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly and the parliamentary Assembly (PA) of the OSCE.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, speaking at the conference, emphasized that international terrorism in its current form became possible largely because of the lack of unity in the ranks of the anti-terrorism forces.

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— I am of the opinion that we should learn the lessons of history. And one of the most important lessons is that in the war with a cruel enemy called “terrorism” we are bearers of the values of democracy, rights and freedoms of person can win only if we unite against a common threat — addressed to the speaker of the upper house of the Russian Parliament to the participants of the conference.

Valentina Matvienko has reminded that Russia has repeatedly called on the international community to build a broad anti-terrorist coalition. According to her, otherwise, different groups of extremists “will continue their atrocities”.

— I think it is important to conduct ongoing inter-parliamentary anti-terrorism conference. In addition, we advocate the creation of a special anti-terrorist Committee of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, — said the speaker of the Federation Council.

In turn, the head of the OSCE PA Christine Muttonen in his speech stressed that the political dialogue, especially in the issue of international cooperation to combat terrorism “is now more important than ever”.

We should be mindful of the need to unite our efforts in solving these problems, despite all the differences, she said.

During a personal meeting of the two speakers on the sidelines of the parliamentary conference in Saint-Petersburg Valentina Matvienko has underlined the interest in developing a dialogue with the OSCE PA.

— The OSCE parliamentary Assembly — one of the most important mechanisms for building equal and indivisible system of European security, aimed at expansion of cooperation in Europe. We are open to further dialogue. The only way to achieve understanding and coherence, — said the speaker of the Federation Council and offered to hold a meeting of the OSCE PA in Russia, adding that this will create all the necessary conditions.

Later in an interview with reporters Christina Muttonen promised that the OSCE PA “will take into account the idea of creating Committee on the fight against terrorism”.

— We are really interested in the establishment of such a Committee, but we should discuss this idea at the upcoming July session. I hope that the Committee will be created, because it will help us all work together to counter terrorism — said Mottonen, answering a question “News”.

The fight against the terrorist threat contributes to rapprochement of Russia with other large European parliamentary organization and the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Its Chairman, Pedro Agramunt also took part in a conference in St. Petersburg. He appealed to the participants of the conference with a request to accede to the European Convention on the suppression of terrorism, signed and ratified by 38 member States of the Council of Europe, including Russia.

— This Treaty shall be open to all States which are not members of the COE. So I urge you to sign and ratify this Convention, if you haven’t already done so asked the MP to the conference.

A day earlier, the PACE President met with the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. As he wrote “Izvestia”, at the end of the conversation, Pedro Agramunt expressed readiness to facilitate the return of the Russian delegation to the PACE work in the full mode.

My parliamentary term began, when the PACE was not Russian, and I hope that by the end of my term, Russia will already be there, — he stressed.

Valentina Matviyenko on the results of a personal meeting with the Agramunt stressed that the return of the delegation of the Russian Federation “will be possible as soon as the PACE, conditions will be created equal, mutually beneficial and mutually respectful dialogue”.

— The Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation is interested in cooperation with all institutions of the Council of Europe and PACE, but under certain conditions, she explained.

According to the speaker of the Federation Council, the key to resolving the crisis are internal reform PACE and the amendments to the regulations of the Assembly — in particular, repeal the provisions permitting the imposition of sanctions in relation to national delegations. Matviyenko added that Russia has intensified cooperation with the inter-Parliamentary Union and the OSCE PA, where “there is no such a confrontational atmosphere, as in PACE”.

Cooperation between Russia and PACE has effectively ceased after April 2014 the Russian delegation was deprived of the basic powers in connection with events in Ukraine and the reunification of Russia and Crimea. Now representatives of Russia are unable to vote, to participate in the work of the governing bodies of the Assembly and its monitoring missions to observe elections in the space of the Council of Europe.

In response, the Russian side announced the participation in the work of the Assembly in 2016, and did not apply in 2017. Moscow insists on changing regulations the PACE, which would have been forbidden to deprive the delegation of voting rights. However, such agreement has not been achieved.

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