Mazda will release a “green” engine with an efficiency of 56 percent

Mazda will release a “green” engine with an efficiency of 56 percent


The company’s engineers have announced the development of Skyactiv engine-3, the emissions of which are a quarter less than other internal combustion engines.

Mazda reports that work on creation engine is coming. Efficiency Skyactiv-3 is planned to be closer to 56 percent — in this case, the emissions should be reduced by a quarter.

About how exactly the specialists Mazda plans to achieve this efficiency, not yet reported, but the developers plan to release the first such ice not before 2019 — this is the first time planned to start production of Skyactiv engine-X, while the Skyactiv-3 will be significantly later.

Despite the obvious advantages of the claimed engine, cars with internal combustion engines will still pollute the air is stronger than the electric drive. However, the internal combustion engine at one point obviously will not disappear, so the Mazda attempts to reduce emissions still commendable, although in some countries, even they are insufficiently “pure.”

In France, for example, more than 90 percent of electricity is produced without release of C02 to the atmosphere, and European Union officials have gradually toughened the laws for car manufacturers with internal combustion engines are increasingly giving preference to electric cars.