McMaster: the United States will not put up with “contradictions” in relations...

McMaster: the United States will not put up with “contradictions” in relations with Pakistan


Макмастер: США не будут мириться с «противоречиями» в отношениях с Пакистаном

Meanwhile, trump’s statement about “lies and deceit” on the part of Pakistan provoked outrage in Islamabad

WASHINGTON – the United States will no longer agree with the “contradictions” in relations with Pakistan, the adviser said the White house’s national security, Herbert McMaster.

His comment came amid perturbation of Pakistan statement by the President of the United States Donald trump, who has threatened to suspend U.S. aid in response to the actions of Islamabad, in which he sees support for terrorist organizations.

“This is our attempt to make clear to Pakistan that our relationship can no longer bear the burden of contradictions, and what we really need to start working together to stabilize Afghanistan, it would be advantageous and Pakistan,” said MacMaster in an interview with “Voice of America”.

The US has long accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorists who commit attacks against American troops in Afghanistan.

But now this criticism has increased significantly.

“The administration is suspending assistance to Pakistan in the amount of $ 255 million, said U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley. – For a good reason. Pakistan for many years playing a double game. Sometimes they work with us, but they also Harbor terrorists who attack our troops in Afghanistan. Such a game is unacceptable to this administration”.

On Tuesday, the US Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Pakistan, where he stated that trump’s tweets were “incomprehensible”.

But Marvin Weinbaum, an expert from the Institute of the Middle East, looking at what is happening with skepticism.

“I’m afraid that people on both sides who want the deterioration of relations, which, in fact, want to see a “divorce” between the US and Pakistan, received a Christmas gift,” he said.