Media: John Kerry can take part in the elections in 2020

Media: John Kerry can take part in the elections in 2020


СМИ: Джон Керри может принять участие в выборах-2020

Former U.S. Secretary of state invited the Palestinians to prepare their own plan for a peaceful settlement

Former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry may nominate his candidacy in the presidential elections in the United States in 2020. As reported by the Israeli newspaper Maariv, the former head of the diplomatic corps held in London a meeting with one of the assistants of leader of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas and discussed with him possible ways of peaceful settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Later, officials in the direction of autonomy confirmed the meeting.

According to the newspaper, John Kerry said that he was “seriously considering” the possibility of his candidature for the elections of 2020. The ex-Secretary of state suggested that his Palestinian interlocutor “to be patient”, as President trump “hardly” will retain his post in the next two years.

“Be patient and strong bodibe – leads edition the words of Kerry. – (Mahmoud Abbas)…must use the time on his side, not to give in and agree with the requirements of the trump.”

The former head of the Department of state also advised the leaders of the Palestinian authority to develop its own plan for a peaceful settlement.

“Maybe now it’s time for the Palestinians to determine the principles on which they are willing to start peace negotiations and to offer a positive plan,” he said.

John Kerry participated in the presidential elections in 2004, losing in the final of the race to George Bush. The results of the vote, he managed to score 251 of electoral votes. The winner got 286 votes.

In 2013, Kerry was appointed U.S. Secretary of state.

In December last year he admitted that he wanted to take part in the presidential campaign of 2016, but at the last moment refused this idea.

“I did it for many reasons, and now am glad of it” – he said earlier in an interview with the Boston Globe.