Media: more than 110 lawmakers are demanding investigations into allegations of sexual...

Media: more than 110 lawmakers are demanding investigations into allegations of sexual harassment.


СМИ: более 110 законодателей требуют расследования обвинений в сексуальных домогательствах в адрес Трампа

Louis Frankel: Americans deserve to know the truth

According to the American media, more than a hundred and ten Democrats in the House of representatives joined the initiators of the letter, addressed to the oversight Committee and requesting an investigation into the allegations of inappropriate behaviour of the President of Donald trump in relation to women.

“I believe that if we go back to (election), there were so many issues on which there is a trial, they could be overshadowed by the approval of many women accusing him of sexual assault – said the leader of the group of initiators of the letter the member of the house of representatives of Louis Frankel.

Frankel previously headed the working group of democratic women representing all belong to the Democratic party legislators-women in the House of representatives, reiterated his call for the holding of a Congress of the official investigation of allegations of inappropriate behaviour trump.

“Simply put, Americans deserve (way of knowing) the truth”, – said Tuesday Frankel.

“At least 17 women have publicly accused the President of sexual harassment… your Own President’s statements seem to reinforce (these) assumptions… he considers acceptable, such behavior against women,” reads the group sent the letter.

Earlier Tuesday, President trump has accused Democrats in fanning the scandal surrounding allegations of sexual harassment in his address