Media: Paul Ryan is thinking about retiring

Media: Paul Ryan is thinking about retiring


СМИ: Пол Райан подумывает об уходе в отставку

As it became known from the entourage of the speaker, he intends to leave his post after the elections of 2018

The speaker of the house of representatives, Republican Paul Ryan is going to resign after the election in November 2018, said Thursday the portal Politico, citing Ryan’s conversation with the Trustees.

“Ryan brought to the attention of some of his confidants that this would be his last term as speaker, – reports the edition. – Judging by a recent interview of 30 people, familiar with the speaker, legislators, aides, intellectuals-conservatives and lobbyists-Republicans no one believes that Ryan will stay in Congress after 2018”.

Earlier on Thursday, answering a journalist’s question about whether he is going to resign, Ryan smiled and said, “No, not going to.”