Media: the head of the environmental Department of the USA rented housing...

Media: the head of the environmental Department of the USA rented housing from a lobbyist


СМИ: глава экологического ведомства США арендовал жилье у лоббиста

According to some legislators and former officials, Scott Pruitt may lose his post

The head of the U.S. Agency for environmental protection Scott Pruitt may in the foreseeable future to lose his job in connection with allegations that he rented the house from the lobbyist working on issues under the control of his Department, and the rent was below the market level. About it in a television interview said the legislators and a former employee of trump.

On Friday, ABC News and Bloomberg News reported that in the first six months that Pruitt held in Washington last year, he paid for rental housing in the Metropolitan area Capitol hill about 50 dollars a day, which is less than a third of the cost of renting similar properties. Housing was located in a building owned by the lobbyist Steven HART, working in the energy sector, and his wife.

“I don’t know how you can stay afloat after this, and if he has to leave, it’s because it just wasn’t meant to be, if it comes to that,” said the former Governor of new Jersey, Republican Chris Christie, speaking in the program “this week” on channel ABC News.

Some time, Christy was led by a transitional team of President Donald trump had previously expressed concern that many political appointments were not checked for such conflicts of interest.

Broadcaster ABC later reported that the daughter Pruitt also used this in 2017, when he held a summer internship at the White house. Wife of HART reported that the residence of the daughter Pruitt was not intended by the lease.

Pruitt declined to comment on these reports. The white house invited the journalists to address their questions to the Agency for environmental protection, which reported that the contract has not caused objections from the Agency, concerned with ethics.

The inspector General of the Agency is already investigating frequent flights Pruitt first class. The Minister also criticized for the fact that he spent 43 thousand dollars for the installation of secure telephone booths for private conversations.