Media: trump dissatisfied with the progress of the “Russian investigation” and new...

Media: trump dissatisfied with the progress of the “Russian investigation” and new sanctions against Russia


СМИ: Трамп недоволен ходом «российского расследования» и новыми санкциями против РФ

This, according to the press, the President said the two senators-the Republicans during private telephone calls

The President of the United States Donald trump in private conversations with senators–Republicans expressed dissatisfaction with a new sanctions bill against Russia but also the investigation of possible relations campaign trump with Russian officials.

This was announced on Thursday, the Washington publication Politico.

According to him, in late July, in a telephone conversation with the head of the Senate foreign Affairs Committee Bob Corker, the White house said the new sanctions package, approved later by both houses of Congress and signed by the Ladder August 2, “unconstitutional and may harm his presidency.”

Corker, according to sources Politico, was unmoved and told the Tramp that the bill successfully passes both houses, having received bipartisan support from lawmakers.

“Trump was clearly annoyed during the conversation,” – leads edition the words of one of its sources.

Several days later, on August 7, the US President called another Senator-Republican – That Tillis working on a bill that would prevent Trump to fire special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, investigating communication campaign trump and Russia.

In the course of the conversation, writes Politico, had raised the topic developed by Tom Tillison and his colleague Senator Chris coons legislative instrument on the protection of the Prosecutor Mueller. Trump expressed dissatisfaction with this initiative and stated that I would not like to have it passed.

The White house declined to comment on the private conversation of the President with members of Congress, reports Politico.

The American press has repeatedly raised the issue of the actual dependencies of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is investigating potentially illegal communications campaign trump with Russia, from the President of the United States.

Democrats and some Republicans in Congress fear that trump is a legitimate way to remove Mueller from the conduct of the investigation. If this happens, say some analysts, the US may experience constitutional crisis.