Media: trump has decided not to impose new sanctions against Russia

Media: trump has decided not to impose new sanctions against Russia


СМИ: Трамп решил не вводить новые санкции против России

Leading US Newspapers have reported that the earlier statement of the US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley was recognized as incorrect

The President of the United States Donald trump spoke out against imposing new sanctions against Russia, at least for now.

This was reported by the American media, noting that the change of the course emphasizes the differences in the positions of the President and his team for national security.

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley announced on Sunday that the administration will impose sanctions against Russian companies providing support to the Syrian production of chemical weapons.

But on Monday the White house made the other positions, saying that trump has not endorsed the new sanctions.

“We are considering imposing additional sanctions against Russia, and the decision will be made in the near future”, – said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Later, in an interview with reporters aboard the presidential plane, when trump was headed to Florida, Sanders added that “the President has made clear that it will take a tough stance against Russia, but at the same time he wished to maintain good relations with them.”

Another employee of the White house, talked with the journalist for the New York Times on condition of anonymity, said that trump decided not to impose new sanctions.

The newspaper writes that trump came to the conclusion that they are not necessary, as Moscow’s reaction to the air strikes mainly consisted in threatening statements.

According to the New York Times, analysts believe that the rapid change in policies once again demonstrated the difficulty faced by the administration in attempts to develop a coherent and consistent approach in relations with Russia.

Source New York Times, the administration reported that trump was annoyed that Haley made a hasty statement. The President’s decision not to impose sanctions has put the US Ambassador to the UN in an awkward position when under attack proved its credibility.

Haley was one of the harshest critics of Russia’s behavior among the members of the administration. She often performed with more harsh statements than trump, but it has not kept publicly, the newspaper said.

On Monday, Haley has refrained from any statements.

Administration officials say that the new sanctions could still be imposed at some point, if this is justified by further actions of Russia, writes the New York Times.

However, according to the Washington Post, trump is unlikely to approve new sanctions if Russia does not give a reason for this.

Team trump decided to publicly call statement Haley is wrong, writes the Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, one employee of the White house reported that Haley jumped the gun and made “the mistake had to clean up”.

Conflicts between the team of Hayley and the trump associated with Russia, has already happened, says the Washington Post. Soon after the inauguration of the trump Haley spoke at the United Nations with a speech in which expressed the commitment of the White house policy of the Obama administration on sanctions related to the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

It was endorsed by David Kettleson, who was then a senior officer of the national security Council. However, this performance disappointed trump, who wanted to know who approved it.

“Many people yelled, including the President”, – told the newspaper American employee of the UN.

According to the Washington Post, Kettler was fired a couple of weeks in the course of the reorganization of the national security Council, conducted by Herbert McMaster.