MegaFon is thinking about unification of “the Euronetwork” “Coherent”

MegaFon is thinking about unification of “the Euronetwork” “Coherent”


“MegaFon” about the future of “Euroset”

Cellular operator “MegaFon” has released a statement regarding “speculation in the press about “Euroset”. “Megaphone” has confirmed that after he will become the sole owner of “Euroset”, further variants of merging this company with its competitors, including multi-brand network of “Svyaznoy”.

How to divide “Euroset”

We will remind, VimpelCom (brand “Beeline”) became a co-owner of “Euroset” in 2008, Then the company was headed by Alexander Malis. In 2012, Euroset has been divided on a parity basis between “MegaFon” and “VimpelCom”.

In 2017, the owners of “Euroset” agreed on the division of the company. Directly Euroset along with his brand will get the “Megaphone”, “Vympelcom” will depart half of the salons “Euroset”.

Retail network of “Svyaznoy” since the beginning of 2015 is under the control of businessman Oleg Malis – brother Alexander Malis. The market has long been rumors about a possible cooperation “Euronetwork” and “Coherent”.

What “Megaphone” wants to merge “the Messenger” and “Euroset”

In a statement, MegaFon said that the possible Union of “Euronetwork” “Coherent” is necessary for the development of multi-brand direction of the operator. This direction in turn is a strategically important distribution channels and part of new digital strategy “the Megaphone”.

MegaFon, which becomes the sole owner of “Euronetwork”,
confirmed the rumors about a possible merger of this company with Svyaznoy