Michael Flynn and by Paul Manafort can be pardoned by President trump

Michael Flynn and by Paul Manafort can be pardoned by President trump


Майкл Флинн и Пол Манафорт могут быть помилованы президентом Трампом

The idea of a pardon allegedly expressed the former lawyer of President John Dowd

WASHINGTON – As reported by the “new York times” one of the lawyers of Donald trump expressed the idea that the President of the United States pardoned – that is freed from criminal responsibility – two of his former advisers: Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. They are both involved in a criminal investigation under the leadership of spectacular Robert Mueller.

We are talking about John Daude, who was the leading advocate of trump until last week, when he announced his resignation. According to the newspaper based on the confessions of three unnamed persons involved in the case, Dowd raised the issue of pardons in an interview with lawyers Paul Manafort – he’s brown, and Michael Flynn – Robert Kellner.

John Dowd refused detailed comments and denies that he raised this issue. At the same time, the fact that the consultations that Daoud spent with the lawyers of both accused, said that continued “new York times” that the legal team trump care about any revelations to the investigators should be expected from ex-advisers if they were offered leniency in exchange for additional testimony.

There is also an opinion that the fact that the discussion pardon may be classified as an obstruction, however while about it to speak early. According to the famous lawyer and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, this discussion will not be a crime, because the White house has broad rights to pardon the defendants. “The President does not commit crimes by taking actions protected by the Constitution,” concluded Alan Dershowitz.

Another view is held by Lisa Kern Griffin, a former Federal Prosecutor and now a Professor at Duke University: she believes that if the proposal to pardon the defendant was done with the intent to obstruct the investigation, then it may be classified as a violation of the law.