Microscopic somersaulting robots will be used in medicine

Microscopic somersaulting robots will be used in medicine


The use of microscopic devices and even robots’ in medicine it becomes the last time something taken for granted. But engineers do not stop working in this direction and each year submit their new invention makes life easier for doctors and to save lives. This time its development was presented by the researchers of the American Universities of Purdue and the University of Lawrence. Microscopic robots μTUM able to move on different surfaces in a rather unusual way – by means of-flops. In the future, these microbots can be used for targeted drug delivery in the human body.

μTUM stands for Microscale Magnetic Tumbling Robot. The size of the robot is 400 to 800 micrometers. The mechanism is a flat structure made of polymeric material, both sides of which a layer of nanoparticles of niobium-iron-beryllium. Moves the robot using external magnetic field, somersaulting over the head or rolling across the side in the specified direction. While μTUM able to walk on difficult surfaces, successfully overcoming all obstacles, and even climb up under the steep slopes up to 60 degrees.

Experts consider such robots as a serious help in the field biomedicines. Yet they are incapable of Autonomous movement, but it is only a matter of technology and time. Given that the size of their constantly will only decrease in the future, these mechanisms can be used for spot delivery of necessary drugs to the internal organs of patients. And this is just one of the ways you use μTUM. Read more about robots can be found in the material published in the journal Micromachines.

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