Microsoft developed a system of accelerated learning for AI

Microsoft developed a system of accelerated learning for AI


Microsoft’s experts has presented the results of their work in the framework of the project Brainwave system that allows you to accelerate the learning process of artificial intelligence. After all the test and prepare to work, Brainwave will be available to users of Azure services.

The engineers explained that Brainwave allows the artificial intelligence to instantly process requests and handle them: the search for criminals, the analysis of a large array of data, video or dialogue — is very important in any situation where the AI requires rapid response.

According to the developers, the system was created with the support of different models of deep learning. Among them, Microsoft has listed Cognitive Toolkit and Tensorflow from Google, and in future there will be other.

The development has already shown at the Hot Chip conference in California. Demonstrated a Brainwave-based Stratix 10 FPGA chip with teraflop speed of 39 with a waiting time less than 1 millisecond. The system machine learning is already working in real time, but that is when Brainwave will be available to users, not yet reported.