Mike Pence: an unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Mike Pence: an unannounced visit to Afghanistan


Майк Пенс: необъявленный визит в Афганистан

Vice-President of the United States assured the official Kabul in the immutability of support from Washington

Vice-President Mike Pence made a unannounced visit to Afghanistan to meet with his leadership and to Express the United States ‘ commitment to support this country – four months after President trump agreed that the war with the rebels in Afghanistan should continue until complete victory.

On Thursday, the Pens arrived on military aircraft on Bagram airfield. Then, in a helicopter, he flew to Kabul, where he met with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah.

As stated by Penny, he hoped that his presence in Afghanistan is strong evidence that the U.S. intends “to bring the case to the end.”

Ashraf Ghani thanked the U.S. government and noted that the partnership between Afghanistan and the United States bonded incurred by the victims.