Mike Pompeo has officially entered a post of the US Secretary of...

Mike Pompeo has officially entered a post of the US Secretary of state


Майк Помпео официально вступил в должность госсекретаря США

His predecessor, Rex Tillerson can head the Supervisory Board at one of the universities in Texas

Former CIA Director Mike Pompeo on Saturday officially took office as Secretary of state. While the new foreign Minister had not presented his program, but, as emphasized by the American media, he is regarded as rigid and conservative politician.

Unlike his predecessor, Rex Tillerson, Pompeo has no disagreement with the head of the White house. It is expected that he will try to implement a new foreign policy of the administration, upholding the principles and decisions in the first place, inter-problems due to the failure of world domination.

Rex Tillerson has already received several job offers. In particular, one of the Texas universities asked former Secretary of state to head the Supervisory Board of the institution.

After the appointment Pompeo CIA was headed by a former Deputy Director of the office Genie Haspel. She became the first woman as head of the intelligence service of the United States.