Mikhail Men: “mortgage lending will continue to grow”

Mikhail Men: “mortgage lending will continue to grow”


The head of the Ministry of the Russian Federation about housing prices, construction in the Crimea and new legislative initiatives

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This year can become record-breaking number of mortgage loans. The volume taken by the citizens in banks of funds for housing in March was 26% higher than the same period last year. About the regulated tariffs for housing services, the fight against corruption, unscrupulous management companies, and real opportunities for citizens to influence the numbers in payment documents correspondent of “Izvestia” said the Minister of construction and housing and utilities Mikhail Men.

— Mikhail Aleksandrovich, when do you expect the next increase of tariffs for housing and communal services?

Over the last three years of the Ministry of construction implemented a common strategy of regulation of municipal tariffs. We refused the two radical positions — conservative and liberal. In the first case it was proposed to preserve all tariffs are for an indefinite period, in the second — to make the economically feasible rates, that is, to “let go”. We stopped in the middle to limit the growth index of the payment of the citizen and to tie this figure to the annual inflation. So, in 2016, the index was about 4%, in 2015-m — 8.7%, in 2014 — 4.2%. And increase must be not more often than once a year, usually in July, two to three times a year is a violation.

FAS, which is directly involved in regulation of tariffs, paints each region the level of payment, and the Governor is already in place determines the resources: depending on the work of the concessionaire (the private investor in the housing. — “News”) can “release” the water and raise electricity but to do all this within the limit of aggregate payment. There is a “ceiling” that they cannot breach. The system should work. And here is a scheme when, on the one hand, there is a clear limit to the region, with another opportunity for a skilled Manager to intelligently distribute load and payments.

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Now the possibility of exceeding recommended threshold. This decision is made by the municipality with a clear rationale of resource providers — for example, when there is a major upgrade of the utility, which ultimately will affect the quality of services. But here, too, are abuses, and we on the ground have detected cases of direct violations.

Please note that we are talking about utilities, not about housing. The housing service is not regulated from above, a contract between the tenants of the specific home and its management company. Appear in the payment documents the numbers is the work of a management company or TSZH. Therefore, it is important to understand what you are being asked to pay. And all these decisions are made at all-house meetings. There is “watering flowers — 100 rubles a month” can “sew” in the “maintenance home”. Everyone is outraged that the payments were higher, and why not ask this question. When you have at least one active citizen, the management company not give descent. It is clear that not all can come to the meetings, but here we can recall the practice of appointing a senior home — going time choose, and then it will be quieter.

You go to community meetings?

— I rarely, and the wife goes. We hope that with the full launch of the state information system housing — GIS utilities many of the points can be tracked online. There you can see everything: his house, a management company, all to calculate, it will greatly facilitate the lives of the homeowners, and the whole system will be much more transparent.

— The housing sector was not very good reputation. Talked a lot about corruption. Were you able to fix the situation?

— A few years ago, people often complained about management companies. After the introduction of the licensing of UK appeared leverage people management company, a real mechanism of revocation of the license. This led to the fact that UK became more attentive to the provision of services to citizens.

— This helped to reduce corruption?

— Clearly say that everything was perfect, it’s still early, but already terminated 279 licenses. It is important that the residents felt themselves the real owners of the house. If you do not like something, not at home in the kitchen to discuss it, and immediately appeal to the appropriate domestic Inspectorate. The leverage they already have.

A major role in the transparency of the processes in housing played and the transition to a concession agreement in the industry is to attract private investment. Fundamentally different model of resource management by the MUP or from the GUP management model by the concessionaire. Now the maximum adjusted legal and regulatory framework for attracting private investments in this sector. Today, Russia has 1477 concessions in the utilities sector, investment commitments of the concessionaires have already exceeded 196 billion rubles. And it’s not just numbers, this is a significant increase in the quality of services 3.5 million people felt it myself. In the regions which implemented the concession agreement, in heating there was a reduction of accidents by 47% and losses at 18 per cent, in water less accidents by 21%, losses 14%.

We have another legislative initiative — the transition almost direct contracts with utilities providers for the funds of our citizens were not in the accounts of management companies, and directly went to service providers. This initiative will significantly reduce corruption in the industry and will help to reduce the debts in the housing sector, where the most frequent non-payers are not just people, and management organizations, including HOA. Now the bill of the Ministry of construction discussed in the government.

— As the difficult economic situation of recent years has affected the willingness of citizens to acquire real estate through mortgage lending?

Here, ironically, we are seeing significant growth. Last year was very good for a mortgage: about 25% growth. People took mortgage loans to almost 1.5 trillion rubles. I think that this year the volume of mortgage lending may become a record, the mortgage will grow. For 10 years, through the mechanism of mortgage lending in our country, 6 million families have improved their living conditions. Many experts have sounded the alarm that for the first two months of this year mortgage has fallen by almost 20%, but it is a natural fall. And it was only temporary. These months traditionally have pent-up demand, and last year was highest in January and February, because it was a high risk of termination of the state program on subsidizing of the mortgage. In March this year, the housing market revived, the mortgage went up. In March, according to preliminary data issued 150 billion rubles in mortgage loans, which is 26% higher in 2016 and 10% above the level of the record 2014. Now rate also dropped significantly in the savings Bank — 10.4%, VTB — by 10.6%. In total, according to preliminary data of AHML, in the first quarter issued by 324 billion rubles of mortgage loans — the same amount that was issued over the same period last year.

— And how many of those who could not pay the mortgage?

— Overdue debt on the mortgage only about 2.5% is one of the lowest in the world. With consumer loans, the situation is much worse than with a mortgage. This is due to the fact that we have to shelter people have a special relationship. People are willing to sacrifice anything, but as for housing, they go to this step deliberately.

— And why the state can’t go to any support, for example for large families? Gave birth to five children, get an apartment.

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— Maternity capital, there are special programs in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation for separate categories of citizens. For example, in the Sakhalin region in the framework of the regional programme of housing for large families and families with children with disabilities interest rate on the mortgage is 0%. In the Tver region families with children with a mortgage, you can count on one-time welfare payment. And in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district multi-child families receive subsidy for repayment of the mortgage with the payment of interest at the expense of the budget of the district. All these questions and more in the competence of regional authorities in each region may be different categories that need support.

— What is your attitude to the demolition of five-storey buildings in the capital? And whether this experience is common to other entities?

We commend this initiative. This is a great program that can significantly change the face of Moscow. In the government of Moscow has made the appropriate analysis: to overhaul these five-storey blocks will work for the same money that to carry out the renovation. Even if these houses to change the engineering, glazing, repair the roof, porches and so on, anyway, these buildings are obsolete today. Something that offers Moscow the decision of the global: in place of the five-story building will have a new modern blocks.

Now at us on consideration of a bill amending the act on the capital status of the city of Moscow. The essence of it — the government of Moscow of certain powers to technical regulation of urban development in parts of the renovation that the issues were resolved at the city level. While it is not necessary task to extend the experience of Moscow to other regions. Maybe in the future it will be possible to learn something for the Federal level.

— As of now implemented the program for the resettlement of emergency housing?

We now are working on the resettlement of emergency housing, which is recognized as such on January 1, 2012. On April 1, settled of 8.13 million square meters, the new housing has received more than 520 thousand persons, completed the first phase of the program should be in September of this year. Today is already fully completed the program in 14 regions: Kaliningrad oblast, Moscow oblast, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Karachay-Cherkessia, Ryazan, Magadan, Rostov, Tambov, Tyumen, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the Khanty-Mansi Okrug, Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

The pace of resettlement is lagging behind the planned (less than 70% of the total settlement) in 18 regions: Adygeya, Dagestan, Karelia, Sakha (Yakutia), Tyva, Zabaykalsky Krai, Kamchatka Krai, Primorsky Krai, Ivanovo, Irkutsk, Tver, Tula, Leningrad, Kirov, Pskov, Samara, Saransk, Sverdlovsk region.

The programme is being implemented satisfactorily. Most regions are still coping with this task.

— What amounts are allocated for programs of “Urban environment” and “mortgage and rental housing”? When and where you will see the first results?

— The first project “Urban environment” — the development of the urban environment, land improvement and upgrade of housing and communal services. For the first time in Russia starts to work the program, when the decision on the repair yard will be the municipality, and the people who live around this area. The challenge is to engage citizens to be active on the arrangement of their surroundings. Part of the programme funds will be allocated to improvement projects. The main problem in the courts today is the conflict between motorists and pedestrians. First they want more Parking spaces, the second — lawns. To give a solution to this issue at the mercy of the municipal authorities is impossible. If people can hold a meeting, to negotiate, their territory will be in the program. We offer ready-made solutions. The first results can be seen at the end of this year. The program allocated 20 billion roubles and 5 billion should be added — the decision to support the regions-donors, which was not originally in the program. All of them, with the exception of Moscow and St. Petersburg, will receive funds from the Federal budget. The other 72 regions participating in the programme, have already received Federal funds. I also note that you are running a Federal system monitoring portal horrida.of the Russian Federation. However, in the framework of the priority project Fund unified development Institute in the housing sector (created by the seller) and “KB Arrow” will develop a system for evaluating the quality of the urban environment, the result of the application of which will be provided the ability to generate a quality index of the urban environment.

The second priority project is directed on support of housing construction and the containment of prices per square meter. The project involves 33 of the region. Thanks to the support of the infrastructure will be built over 6 million sq m of housing. Allocated for the year is 20 billion, plans and regional co-financing. These funds will be used for the creation of social infrastructure (kindergartens, schools), local roads and engineering infrastructure.

One of the major components inherent in the price per square meter, the cost of infrastructure. The support we give you the opportunity to keep the prices down. Large residential neighborhoods, which will be built with the participation in this program, you will see at the end of the year in regions such as Ulyanovsk, Kaluga, Saratov and Samara region.

As for rental housing, AHML launched a pilot project civilized rent. Now you need to run financial scheme in which the investor would understand that it is cheaper their savings to invest in mutual Funds rental housing, rather than just put in the Bank for Deposit.

— There is a new housing and infrastructure facilities in the Crimea?

— At the end of 2016 in both subjects — Crimea and Sevastopol — introduced 285 thousand sq m of housing is 13% more than in 2015. For two months, to March 1, 2017, the total amount of housing increased by 26% compared to the same period in 2016. Despite the fact that in the whole country the first two months were quite difficult in the commissioning of Crimeans show good results.

In the framework of the Federal target program of development of Crimea on the Peninsula is planned a number of activities aimed at ensuring stable supply and sanitation, construction and reconstruction of water pipelines, reservoirs, reservoirs. The system we have inherited is in bad condition, there is enough work for many years. Another important topic is waste management. If we are going to create in the Crimea the resort, then this issue should be given special attention. Landfills are overflowing, they need to be rehabilitated and create new modern waste sorting and recycling capacity. Such plans too. Today we perceive the Crimea and Sevastopol as a perfectly normal subjects of the Russian Federation, cease to be separate from the General family of regions. We have made it much easier to work with Crimeans and Sevastopol residents than it was two years ago.