Milon will help the police to combat the recruitment of children in...

Milon will help the police to combat the recruitment of children in social networks


The Deputy of the state Duma is ready to make a new high profile laws

Photo: RIA Novosti/ Ilya Pitalev

Defender of traditional values and the author of high profile laws, Vitaly Milonov in an interview with “Izvestia” Sergei Izotov said what it plans to do in the new status of the Deputy of the State Duma.

Working in the legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, you remember the number of high-profile initiatives. Will the protection of traditional values the main focus of your work in the status of the Deputy of the state Duma?

— I would say my legislative activities will be a tuning: work at the Federal level involves a more thorough and detailed training for all initiatives. My active stance on major issues will remain, but the process of preparation of bills will be different.

What do you mean different, do you renounce the old style work or should I wait for a new high profile laws?

— We conduct an audit of already submitted documents to the case to make them again, but in the current format. In particular, the initiatives in response to the strengthening of sanctions, debt collection activities, draft strengthening the liability for possession of child pornography, as well as a bill that would allow police to effectively combat the recruitment of children into social networks.

In addition, you must simplify the life of the family business: go on the patent system, giving families the opportunity to pay for the patent and to work quietly. However, this would only apply to mini-industries with a turnover of not more than 60 million rubles.

You supported the initiative of Patriarch Kirill about the removal of abortion from the system. Will there be a draft bill?

— His Holiness only pointed out to the deputies on an error in law. The mandatory health insurance system is a government insurance, medical care for people with diseases, which is provided by the state. Pregnancy is not a disease, and its termination could not be considered compulsory medical service. Abortion is not about curing, but about to maim, how can you provide such questionable service, and even at public expense. We want to spend explanatory work with deputies and responsible Ministry of health officials, perhaps someone did not understand what abortion. Because if you bring this initiative to a vote in a week — the result will be unpredictable.

Today is no less loud initiative of Senator Elena Mizulina to ban the baby boxes. At the same time in the state Duma a bill about running the so-called window of life in the regions. How do they compare?

— The issue of baby boxes is a classic example of civilizational clashes of different concepts. It’s like the word “humanism”, which for me personally has nothing to do with the true values: humanism as a kind of dummy as a simulacrum, as a kind of simulation values, but artificial, imitation, synthetic. That is baby-boxes can be called “Windows of life” (the container for the anonymous abandonment of newborns. — “News”) just as George Orwell in his dystopian “1984”: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”. But from the point of view of value-oriented companies baby-boxes — a legalized garbage to throw kids tank comfortable temperature and a soft diaper. I think that is not genuinely to say that to date, to do otherwise is impossible. . You can safely get without problems to give the child to any medical institution. Another issue is that there to a woman will approach a psychologists and try to dissuade her from this step.

Are you planning a joint initiative with colleagues who managed to establish contact in the first place?

— We get 450 members, without cooperation it would be difficult, it is necessary to negotiate. And my goal is not to monopolize any action, but rather to achieve a result. It’s not pretentious words, neither the convening of the State Duma has faced such a heavy choice. No Parliament in Russia, probably, for a hundred years was on the threshold of such important decisions. The processes that happened in the past in part due to the political will of the leadership and people of the country, is the Crimean referendum and things will be continued, since the response followed. And as you correctly said, we can respond adequately to the challenges of the modern times is not unity of the crowd, and the unity of the nation, not the poster-broadside enthusiasm, and the rise — not only emotional, but also economic rise, the rise of the moral.

You came to the Committee on international Affairs and is going to devote a lot of time…

— International Affairs Committee gives me the opportunity to feel comfortable in a wide spectrum of political activities. And one of my goals is to find an international consensus on the basis of traditional values. In the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, I was the initiator of the movement “Volunteers of liberty,” which unites deputies from the parliaments of Europe. We have established contacts with public figures from Germany, Greece, France, and other countries with whom we outreach and husk find a common language and our views on many issues coincide. It is clear that now the rhetoric of Western partners is reduced to declaring Russia an enemy. And when an enemy declares you not some small African state, and one of the strongest superpowers, then we as MPs want to work in a mode a sort of “berserk”, non-stop. The work of the state Duma should become not just a button, it should become the operational headquarters for the coordination on the part of lawmakers urgent action by the government.

You have applied to join the Russian delegation in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and the OSCE PA. What are you going to do?

Is historically, that I did a lot of international relations. Since the 1990-ies know personally many of the people in the leadership of political parties, parliaments. The activities of the PACE I see every time I come to the Donbass. See their “blind” the position, therefore, I will try to be sufficiently reasoned and clear to our European partners, to bring conversation and dialogue from the category of misunderstandings and ideological blinders on the level of a more open and useful to all parties.

You have a big family. You carry her to Moscow or live in the two cities?

— In the two cities, of course. I have children studying in St. Petersburg. Although there are with me in Moscow, and I can only welcome. For me, working in the State Duma — it is a huge responsibility. And either for five years, I will be able to understand what is good for their constituents, and will continue to work in the state Duma, or another MP, who can more actively than I do, to protect their interests.