Ministry of defence responded to the prosecution in Belgium of fabricating data...

Ministry of defence responded to the prosecution in Belgium of fabricating data on the F-16


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Russian Ministry of defense considered it “puny excuses” statement of Belgium that Russia faked the data about the impact of the F-16 at the village Hasagic in the province of Aleppo. Moscow blames the attack on Brussels

The Ministry of defence of Belgium seeks to divert public attention from a blow to the suburbs and Aleppo, said the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia Igor Konashenkov. Yesterday the Minister of defence of Belgium Steven Vandeput said that Moscow had fabricated data about the involvement of the Belgian fighter jets to strike at Hassapiko.

“The attempts of the defence Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium to divert the public attention from the tragedy, using a deliberately miserable for any professional justification, cause deep bewilderment,” Konashenkov said (quoted by TASS).

According to the press Secretary, statement of Belgium can say that Vandeput not understand “handed over to the Russian side”. “Or the desire of the Central command of the US forces responsible for the issuing of target designation aircraft of the international coalition in Syria, to evade responsibility for the deaths in the bombing, six innocent Syrians,” — continued the representative of the Ministry of defense.

On 18 October, the Russian defense Ministry issued a statement on the air strike on the village of Hassidic in the province of Aleppo, in which 6 people were killed and four others were injured. The Ministry said that during the incident in the area was observed two F-16 aircraft belonging to the Belgian air force.

According to the Agency, F-16 aircraft that struck the village of Hassidic, took off from the airfield in Jordan and twice refueled in the air by us aircraft. Konashenkov said that each plane has “some unique characteristics” that allow you to identify its type.

In connection with the statements of the Russian foreign Ministry about the actions of the air force of the Kingdom in Syria, Belgian foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador for explanations.

In Belgium its involvement in air strikes deny it. Stephen Vandeput 19 October stated that the Belgian air force “had not flown over the region in these days.” “From this map [of flight] it follows that identification numbers, “friend or foe” does not belong to the Belgian air force, which proves that the approval of the defense Ministry are fabricated,” — said the Minister of defence.

On the morning of 21 October, the Ambassador of Belgium in Moscow, Alex van Meeuwen , was summoned for explanations to the Russian foreign Ministry. The Ambassador was presented “evidence of the involvement of the Belgian air force bombing of the village Messagec”, says the official message of Department.