Mixed reality headset from Dell will be in October

Mixed reality headset from Dell will be in October


The device is called Dell Visor. It is designed for use with Microsoft actively promoting a Microsoft platform Mixed Reality and will be sold starting in October 2017 at a price of $ 350 for basic and $ 450 for the set with two controllers.

At the moment there is no “mixed-reality” headsets not demonstrated, although they are equipped with cameras located on the front of the visors. This means that hardware and they still will be able to support both virtual and augmented reality.

About the filling device yet very little is known, but the developers report that the headset resolution will be 1440 × 1440 pixels.

The correspondent of the publication The Verge allowed to hold a demonstration, but it was not included, so the journalists were able to assess only the design and usability of the gadget. According to them, the Dell engineers thought over many things. The headset, for example, you can very quickly raise the “visor” with displays, if needed.

Despite the fact that, originally, the manufacturer positioned his headset like available budget option, the advertised price is far from the previous statements because it is quite comparable with the cost of other VR headsets. But, on the other hand, Dell will be able to work with VR, but with augmented reality.