Mnuchin: the publication “Putin’s list” followed by new sanctions

Mnuchin: the publication “Putin’s list” followed by new sanctions


Мнучин: за публикацией «путинского списка» последуют новые санкции

The Finance Minister rejected claims that the administration tried to slow down the process of introduction of new sanctions against Russia

The publication of the list of Russian billionaires and high-ranking officials will follow the new us sanctions, said Tuesday the Minister of Finance of the USA Stephen Mnuchin.

According to Mnuchin, administration trump did not delay the publication of the “list of oligarchs” following Monday night, because otherwise the list would not be published by established by Congress deadline.

Despite the fact that, as stressed by the Finance Ministry against the persons included in the list, not obyazatelnogo impose sanctions, the Russian government has already condemned the document, saying it will harm relations between the two countries.

Some Democrats in Congress expressed outrage at the fact that simultaneously with the publication of the document was not imposed new sanctions designed to punish Russia for alleged interference in the presidential election in 2016.

Sherrod brown, Senator from Ohio, has accused Mnuchin in delaying publication of the document.

“We take this report as a basis and see how we do it is usually where (in what areas) should impose sanctions. It is in any case should not be interpreted as if we do not import sanctions against certain persons mentioned in this report,” – said Mnuchin.

The document focuses on the impact of possible new us sanctions on Russia’s foreign debt was classified, confirmed on Tuesday, Senator Bob Corker. Congress has requested an open version of this document.