More and more people are calls for Roy Moore to abandon the...

More and more people are calls for Roy Moore to abandon the struggle for a post of the Senator


Все больше людей призывает Роя Мура отказаться от борьбы за пост сенатора

Politics-a Republican accused of crimes of a sexual nature

The pressure on Roy Moore, who is running for Senator, continues to grow: the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan urged him to withdraw his candidacy, attorney General Jeff sessions said that he has no reason to doubt the truth of the charges against Moore’s allegations of sexual harassment, and in one of the largest media of his home state of Alabama has published an article where Moore has described as “totally unfit” for service in public office.

“He should withdraw his candidacy, said Ryan, speaking Monday to reporters on Capitol hill. – First, these allegations credible. Second, if he respects and values people as he claims, then he should step aside”.

Sessions, when asked about the accusations against Moore in the Legal Committee of the house of representatives, said, “I Have no reason to doubt the words of these young women.”

“Roy Moore just can’t be a Senator, says in the editorial of the portal that provides content to Newspapers in Birmingham, Huntsville and Mobile. Even if his party and many of his supporters still believe it is possible, it is impossible for his state and for his country.”

“From our point of view, Moore has already shown that he is totally unsuitable for Senator even before these revelations,” according to the article, the author of which, among other things, refers to two cases in which Moore was removed from office in his state “for failure to comply with the law.”

Intense pressure on Moore has his opponent-Democrat Doug Jones, also applying for the post in the Senate, vacated after the sessions became the attorney General. This week the campaign headquarters of Jones began to broadcast television commercials on the accusations against Moore.

The commercials featured several anonymous “voters-Republicans”, which would explain why I can’t support Moore in elections scheduled for 12 December. “It has twice been removed from office,” said one of the characters. “And this time it’s worse,” added another.

Republican senators openly discussing the possibility to remove Moore from office if he wins elections, after accusations by women who said that Moore tried to engage her in sexual intercourse when she was only 16 years old. Four women testified about sexual harassment by Moore against him when they were teenagers. The charges were published last week in the Washington Post.

Moore himself calls the accusations “a witch hunt” and vowed “to use all legal tools against these false accusations.”

The Chairman of the National senatorial Committee Republican party Cory Gardner published a statement in which he called Moore “unfit for service in the Senate of the United States.”

The Senator from South Carolina Lindsey Graham wrote on Twitter that Moore “would be the service itself, the state, the party and the country by withdrawing its candidate”. “If he continues, no good for Mr. Moore it’s not over” – says Graham

“I have always believed that the Senate is a place that should serve as the conscience of the nation, stated democratic Senator from Vermont Patrick Leahy. Is (Moore’s election to the Senate) not the kind of conscience we want to show the nation”.

However, Moore was formerly in the Supreme court of Alabama, shows no signs that is considering to withdraw his candidacy.

Since the election is only a few weeks, Moore’s name will remain on the ballot even if he withdraws. Some Senate Republicans propose to write on the ballot papers of another candidate – perhaps Luther, Strandja, who was appointed to the vacant post and Roman sessions.

The division of votes between the two candidates Republicans may strengthen the chances of Democrats to win in the state where there was no democratic Senator since 1997. if the Republicans lose the Senate they will have the advantage of just one vote that may jeopardize tax reform and other legislative initiatives trump.