More than 100 fighters loyal to Assad killed after attempting attack on...

More than 100 fighters loyal to Assad killed after attempting attack on Syrian democratic forces


Более 100 верных Асаду бойцов погибли после попытки атаки на Сирийские демократические силы

US officials said that the attacks on Pro-government forces were dealt in self-defense

More than 100 fighters loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, were killed, after the coalition led by USA and supported by a coalition of local forces averted a major and apparently coordinated attack on their position Wednesday evening and Thursday.

This was announced by a us official.

“We are talking about the Syrian forces from among the supporters of the regime, which consisted of dismounted group of approximately 500 people, who were supported by artillery, tanks, multiple rocket launchers and howitzers”, – said the employee of the US Federal government on condition of anonymity.

According to officials, the attacks were made in self-defense after Pro-government forces opened artillery and tank fire on Syrian democratic forces (SDS), supported by the United States.

Several American officials said that none of the Americans were injured or killed in an attack by Pro-government forces, but one member of SDS was wounded.

The Kremlin declined to comment on the impact of the US-led coalition Pro-government forces in Syria.

As reported on Thursday, Syrian government news Agency SANA, Damascus considers open aggression of the blows force the US-led international coalition for the people’s militia units in Syria.