Moscow state University became the third University after Stanford, and Oxford

Moscow state University became the third University after Stanford, and Oxford


President Vladimir Putin met with rector Viktor Sadovnichy

Photo: press service of the President of Russia/kremlin.EN

Moscow state University named M. V. Lomonosov took the third place in the rating of the British company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) on the demand for graduates. This was announced by the rector of Moscow state University Viktor Sadovnichy at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

In the nearest plans of the University – the opening of the branch of Moscow state University in Slovenia and the joint Russian-Chinese University in Shenzhen. Now MSU has five foreign subsidiaries, but the University plans to expand its presence in the world.

Branches of Moscow state University already operate in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Tajikistan. Some of them were created at the personal request of the heads of state. So, at the end of last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin in Slovenia, an agreement was reached on the establishment of a branch of Moscow state University in the EU country. In Shenzhen China, it is planned to create a joint from Beijing Polytechnic University.

– The presidents (of the States “news”) oversees all the branches in person. In General, it is the success of our mission, and I consider it a mission – said the rector of Moscow state University. – It is important that we teach in Russian, is a diploma of the Moscow state University – and they (the graduates of the branch – “news”) left to work in the republics. That is, we are friends, we hope.

Branch of Moscow state University in Sevastopol (before accession of Crimea to Russia, he was among the foreign entities) that teach 700 students experienced the pressure from the Ukrainian authorities. In particular, according to Victor Sadovnichy, the local government refused to issue the branch license, trying to eventually displace MSU from the Peninsula. However, due to “personal connections” branch, then managed to defend. Now the Crimean branch of five specializations: physics, mathematics, Russian language, economy and geography. The school is located in the former Lazarev barracks on-site academic campus and a sports complex.

The rector also briefed the President about expanding the infrastructure of Moscow state University in Moscow. In particular, it has handed over a dormitory with a capacity of 3,000 commissioned medical center and several new academic buildings – the Lomonosov and Shuvalov, and a library. Now at MSU enrolled more than 50 thousand students and postgraduates. Last year the number of graduates has reached 10 thousand people.

For the first time in the history of Soviet and Russian universities, MSU ranked third in the world rankings for the employability of graduates, which has made the company Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

– Good in science, we are. For the first time in the history of Russian universities – and even Soviet – foreign rating has put us in third place in the demand for graduates, that is quality. This has never happened: the third in the world among thousands of universities, Moscow University – the third place. Stanford and Oxford are ahead, and we are on the third. This is a very good rating, the first such assessment was not, – said Victor Sadovnichy.

– Become more objective, – stated Vladimir Putin.

On behalf of the head of state established in Russia and their educational ranking, which will include a measure of both Russian and foreign universities. Victor Sadovnichy has promised that the first data “of the Moscow international rating” will be published in September this year.

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