Muller wants to speak to trump in the framework of the investigation...

Muller wants to speak to trump in the framework of the investigation on the case of Russian intervention in elections


Мюллер хочет побеседовать с Трампом в рамках следствия по делу о вмешательстве РФ в выборы

Spectacular would like to ask the President about dismissal of Komi and Flynn

Spectacular Muller would like to talk to the President of the United States Donald trump about his decision to dismiss the Director of the FBI James Comey, and former national security adviser Michael Flynn. It is concerned with investigating Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016.

One of the tasks of müller – install, did trump to obstruct justice when, in the words of the Komi Republic, asked him to stop the investigation of Flynn’s contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington on the eve of the inauguration of trump, and then fired Komi, who headed the FBI investigation, according to Russian business.

It is reported that it is unclear whether the consent trump, has repeatedly disproved the suspicions of colluding with Russia, to have this conversation, when it can be held and in what format, oral or written.

A few months ago, trump said that “100 percent” ready to talk to the team of müller, but in recent time he began to Express doubts about the need for such conversations, since the “no conspiracy” was not.

Judging by the fact that Mueller asked the lawyers trump to give him the opportunity to talk to the President about the dismissal of Flynn due to the fact that he was hidden from Vice-President Mike Pence his contacts with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and his conversations with Komi about the closure of the investigation against Flynn and the subsequent dismissal of Komi, spectracolor focused on the issue of obstruction of justice.

Trump denies that he asked Komi to close the investigation against Flynn, calling his words a “lie”.

In accordance with us law, obstruction of justice or “official procedures” is a crime.

According to lawyers, though the incumbent President can not be prosecuted for obstruction of justice or any other offence, such a charge can give the Congress grounds for impeachment. Former President bill Clinton was subjected to impeachment in 1998 in connection with charges of obstruction of justice, and in 1974 under threat of impeachment for obstruction of justice was then-President Richard Nixon. Clinton was acquitted on the results of the hearings in the Senate, and Nixon resigned under the pressure of allegations of corruption.

The next day after the dismissal of Komi in may last year, trump at a meeting at the White house with Russian officials called the ex-Director of the FBI “crazy” and said that, by firing him, took off his “enormous pressure”. A few days later in a TV interview, trump admitted that he fired Komi from-for “the history of Russia”.

However, shortly thereafter the Russian investigation into the case was entrusted to spectacular Mueller, who was appointed despite the objections of trump.

Now a team of müller as part of his investigation began to show interest in the members of the Cabinet of trump. Last week, investigators talked to spectaculorum Jeff Sissom, who himself met with Kislyak, as a Senator and a supporter of trump, and played a role in the dismissal of the Komi Republic. By Tennessee investigators had a conversation a few weeks ago.

Trump calls for investigation of Russian business that are spectacular and the various committees of the Congress, an attempt by Democrats to justify the unexpected defeat in the election of their candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Trump and congressional Republicans increasingly accuse the FBI of political bias in connection with the investigation in respect of relations with Russia continues, and the investigation is on a private server e-mail Hillary Clinton had been closed without indictment.

The newspaper the Washington Post on Tuesday reported that shortly after the dismissal of Komi trump held an introductory meeting with Andrew McCabe, who was interim Director of the FBI, and asked him for whom he voted in the elections of 2016.

McCabe said that did not vote. However, trump has also made criticism of McCabe due to the fact that his wife received $ 700,000 for his campaign in Virginia, from the Committee of political action, which is under the control of a close friend, Clinton.

The head of the National Committee of the Republican party Ronna Romney McDaniel has tried to downplay the significance of the question trump about who to vote for McCabe. “I think it was just small talk,” she told CNN.

McCabe in March, is retiring, but this week information site Axios announced that the White house sessions and called for a new FBI Director Christopher ray to the dismissal of several high-ranking FBI agents who served under Komi, including McCabe.

According to the site, ray has threatened to resign because of these requirements, but the White house subsequently softened his position.

Trump criticized McCabe and his wife on Twitter, denies that ray threatened to resign.

“He did not do that. Exactly. No, the President said when he was asked about it at an event in the White house. And he’s good at his job.”