Musk has promised to release a Tesla pickup truck

Musk has promised to release a Tesla pickup truck


The irrepressible Elon Musk doesn’t want to stay in his quest to revolutionize the car market. Not much time has passed since the presentation of the Tesla electric truck and the second generation of the Roadster, as the legendary inventor already shared on Twitter future plans of the company.

Responding to the user who expressed the hope that Tesla will release a pickup truck, Musk wrote:

“I promise that we will work out a pick-up immediately after the release of the Model Y. I’m almost five years, considering its design and engineering elements and look forward to when you undertake the development of”

As for the dimensions of novelty, they are, according to the head of Tesla, will be comparable with those in models Ford F-150. At the same time, he admitted that his truck “may be a bit more to make possible a revolutionary (in my opinion) the feature that I would like to add”.

For anybody not a secret that Musk has long been planning to develop a pickup truck Tesla, he has been repeatedly recognized. However, it is unlikely we will see this new product in the next three years, as the release mentioned Elon crossover Model Y is expected not earlier than 2020.