Named the most powerful smartphones of 2016

Named the most powerful smartphones of 2016


iPhone 7 is the most powerful smartphone on the market

iPhone 7 Plus is the most powerful smartphone by 2016, according to a new ranking of the developer of the popular test to determine the power of mobile devices Antutu.

A list of the 10 most performant smartphones of 2016 led the iPhone 7 Plus, while its sister model, the iPhone 7 was in second place.

Third place quite unexpectedly got the model OnePlus 3T. This smartphone is positioned by the creators as a “flagship killer” smartphone with powerful filling, which are sold at a significantly lower price than the flagship models from leading brands.

iPhone leads the pack with A10 processors

According to experts, the iPhone 7 got the lead largely thanks to the new powerful processor A10 on the basis of which they created. While smartphones based on Android operating system typically use the Snapdragon processor Snapdragon 820 or 821, which, although also demonstrate good performance is still somewhat inferior to the A10.

The overall ranking of the most productive smartphones in 2016