NASA and Roscosmos have agreed not to comment on the causes of...

NASA and Roscosmos have agreed not to comment on the causes of depressurization of the Union


NASA и Роскосмос договорились не комментировать причины разгерметизации «Союза»


NASA and Roscosmos have agreed not to comment on the causes of depressurization of the Union


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Earlier in mass media there were assumptions that the hole in the Russian capsule did someone from American astronauts

Amid rumors that NASA astronaut purposely drilled a hole in the docked to the ISS, Russian spacecraft, space agencies of the two countries issued a joint statement which said that the cause of the incident last month depressurization is under investigation, and further review is not yet followed.

The aperture width of two millimeters was discovered on August 29. It does not represent a direct threat to the crew of the station, and Russian astronauts in a timely manner it patched.

Initially it was suggested that the ship was hit by a micrometeoroid.

However, the Russian media and statements of the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, gave rise to the assumption that speech can go about the sabotage.

In recent days, the Russian press published a series of articles with assumptions about what someone from NASA astronauts purposely made a hole in the hull of the capsule “Union”.

In a joint statement, said that NASA administrator Jim Breidenstein and Rogozin spoke on the phone to discuss the leak.

“The interlocutors noted circulating in media speculation about possible causes of the incident and agreed to refrain from making any preliminary conclusions and to give any explanations to the completion of the investigation,” – said in a statement published on the websites of Roscosmos and NASA.

“The parties confirmed the need for further close interaction between the technical experts of the Russian space Agency and NASA to identify and address the causes of air leak, and the continuation of planned activities on the ISS, and ongoing support from NASA Roscosmos to investigate the situation on the ship “Soyuz MS-09”, – the document says.

They also “reaffirmed the commitment of the entire ISS crew for the safe operation of the station and docked her ship for the successful performance of tasks”.

As noted in a joint statement, the heads of Roscosmos and NASA have agreed to hold our first meeting at the Baikonur cosmodrome on 10 October during the visit of the administrator of NASA to Russia and Kazakhstan to participate in events associated with the upcoming flight to the ISS Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and American astronaut nick Hague at TPK “Soyuz MS-10”.