National Media Group updates the brand for the first time

National Media Group updates the brand for the first time


The media is changing not only the logo, but fully updates the management strategy

Photo: press service of JSC “national media group”

Media holding “national Media Group” (NMG) for the first time in nine years of existence, announced the rebranding. The changes will affect how the visual components of the brand and strategy of the company.

The rebranding reflects a change of strategy in the management and integration of media assets. The new strategy includes the values of leadership, professionalism and social involvement. A synergistic effect will be achieved by strengthening the interaction of the services of media assets, both informational and commercial. In addition, the holding plans to optimize and centralize business processes and technology, including the purchase of content and advertising sales opportunities.

Photo: Press service of JSC “national media group”

General Director NMG Olga paskina said that the rebranding symbolizes a new stage in the development of the company.

— MWF has come a long way since the establishment of the holding company to its transformation into one of the leaders of the media industry, — said Olga paskina. — Our strengths — quality asset portfolio, extensive experience in managing media, unique for Russia, the partnership with major international media holdings. Today we are facing the complex task of strengthening synergies in the operation of our assets, a full realization of the potential in the field of creation, distribution and monetization of entertainment and information content across all user environments and to enter new market segments with the aim of increasing the capitalization of the holding company.

Photo: Press service of JSC “national media group”

The rebranding project was developed and implemented in two Russian agencies: Plenum Brand Consultancy has developed a platform for Weavers and Brand Consultancy — visual identity of the brand. The new logo NMG is visually reminiscent of “pulse”, “sound wave”. It consists of concise graphic elements in white, blue and red colors, emphasizing the continuity of the development of the national market of media. The silhouette of the sign conveys a modern dynamic character of the brand, it belongs to the media industry.

CEO Weavers Brand Consultancy Vadim Zhuravlev said that in the graphic of the logo it was important to reflect the specifics of activity of the company media business, as well as identify the characteristics of the brand — modernity, leadership, continuous development, technology, business orientation, visionary perspective on the industry.

Photo: Press service of JSC “national media group”

Semantics of the sign is built on combining the two ideas diverge in the space of medievals, the source of which is the red dot in the left part of the logo, which is read in the contours of the sign — said Vadim Zhuravlev. — Consistent increase in vertical strokes says about the expansion of media coverage, growth of assets, energy, and dynamic character of the brand, and “impulse” communicates the idea of a company-trendsetter sending the signal and forming its own vector of development of the media business. The color palette of the brand, close to the colors of the national tricolor, further emphasizes patriotism and the importance to the state. A specially designed system of additional style elements develops a graphic idea of the sign and helps to convey the ideology of the NMG brand.

CEO branding company Plenum Brand Consultancy Ilya Lazuchenkov believes that technology development has a huge impact on the media industry — changing patterns of content consumption and smartphones and tablets are surely capture the attention of consumers. According to the expert, the media will continue to move in the direction of new media development, integration of their products with the possibilities of digital environment.

Photo: Press service of JSC “national media group”


— At the moment, NMG is an important stage in the development, the formation of the holding company as an active market participant, managing media assets will receive the steady growth and increasing efficiency. As, without a doubt, one of trendsetters the Russian media market, NMG enhances your corporate brand with the aim of matching the business with the expectations of key audiences — said Ilya Lazuchenkov. One of the key target audiences of corporate brands NMG sees the employees of the companies within the holding company. The holding company must become not just the “holder of assets,” but the center of the creative management, development of relationships between them, the main guide for the development of professional competencies. Building a single structure, and enhancing interactions with media assets, the corporate brand takes on the role of the main driving and guiding force in the holding. The strategy of the corporate brand — the consistent positioning of NMG as Russian media holding, which plays a significant role in the development of business processes, products and technologies in the new digital era media market.

NMG — the largest Russian private media holding, established in 2008, which today employs more than 2800 employees. It is composed of multiple TV channels: “First channel” REN TV, “channel five”, the newspaper “Izvestia” “Sport-Express” and “Metro-Petersburg”, as well as the radio station “Life Sound”. In 2014, after the acquisition of shares in the company Art Pictures Vision, the group is actively engaged in the production of TV and film content. In 2015, LMWH in conjunction with Discovery Communications created the company “Media Alliance”, which manages Russian channels Discovery Networks, Eurosport, Turner. In 2016 NMG signed a partnership agreement with Viasat World for the development in Russia of channels of the group.