Navalny asked to stop libel case the investigator Karpov

Navalny asked to stop libel case the investigator Karpov


A former investigator MIA Pavel Karpov. Photos: February 2015

Photo: Artyom Korotayev/TASS

Alexei Navalny and his defense have completed familiarization with materials of criminal case of libel on a former investigator MIA Pavel Karpov, involved in the “Magnitsky list” and require to close the case in connection with absence of structure of a crime

“We have completed familiarization with the case and filed a motion to dismiss, because we believe that in the Bulk actions there is no crime structure” — has informed on Friday to Agency “RIA Novosti” the lawyer Bulk Vadim Kobzev.

According to him, in case of rejection of the petition to dismiss the proceedings will be submitted to the Prosecutor for approval of the indictment, and then to the court for consideration on the merits.

The basis for excitation of criminal case on slander was the statement Karpov about the publications on the website Navalny. In them, says a former investigator used information from the movie “the untouchables”, which contains allegations implicating Karpov to the death of Magnitsky, as well as links to this movie.

As noted Karpov, the decision of the Meshchansky court of Moscow from March 10, 2016 information from the movie “the untouchables” was found to be false and discrediting his honor and dignity.

Protection Navalny tried in court to achieve recognition illegal criminal case about biting, but was refused in the district, and appellate. The defense insisted that the investigator was not sufficient grounds for a ruling on initiation of proceedings. “The Ordinance vague, the text does not contain data indicating signs of a crime, and the criminal from the point of view of an inquiry action Bulk it does not describe”, — said earlier Kobzev.

Sanctions part 2 and part 5 of article 128.1 of the criminal code (defamation contained in the media, and libel combined with accusation of committing serious or especially serious crimes) punishable with a fine in the amount of up to 5 million rubles or obligatory works for the term up to 480 hours.

The investigator Karpov in 2008, led the investigation related to tax evasion by the firm “cameo”, which was a client of the investment Fund Hermitage Capital of William Browder. The investigation claimed that Browder’s Fund brought brought from the Russian budget more than RUB 5 billion Fund Lawyer Sergei Magnitsky accused of involvement in the withdrawal. He was arrested and a year later died in SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”.

Browder claims that Magnitsky was arrested after he exposed corruption schemes to which, according to them, was involved in Karpov and other officers. The investigator Karpov was included in the “Magnitsky list” in the United States.

Earlier, Navalny was sentenced to probation on charges of embezzling money from the company “Yves Rocher” and also conditionally in the case of “Kirovles”. Himself opposition denies all charges, considering that all criminal cases against him are politically motivated.