Neuralink Elon musk is building a laboratory for animal testing

Neuralink Elon musk is building a laboratory for animal testing


Nanotehnologicheskih Neuralink a startup created by Elon Musk (read more about this story here), filed a request for a building permit for biological testing laboratories at the facility in San Francisco. Documentation compiled in 2017, managed to get to Gizmodo, which got the access to public records Neuralink. Excerpt from a letter that was filed by the representative of the Neuralink Jared Birchall in February 2017 in the planning Department of the city, something that talks about the company’s plans.

“The holding intends to use the second floor as an interdisciplinary workshop for electrical, chemical, mechanical engineering and computer developments will be the inclusion of a small machine shop to modify a small biomechanical devices, 3D printing and CNC-milling. The machine shop is a subsidiary division workshop.

The holding company intends to use the third floor for the biological research laboratory for the testing and development of neurobiological interfaces. As auxiliary premises need a clean room for device integration, small operating room for tests in natural conditions and a small room for keeping rodents. […] Clean room, operating room and shelter for rodents in the laboratory included the use of”.

Ultimately, the filed application Neuralink biological studies indicate that the company is making progress in their projects. Alex Wij, engineer, psychiatrist, Massachusetts General hospital, says the trials are a valuable and integral part of the process of research and development, especially for companies with such ambitious goals as a Neuralink.

“If you think about the body, we are made mostly of salt water. You can see what it does with the car for a year or two. Now imagine what it will do with high-precision medical device, especially an electric signal. The meaning of animal testing to show that the risk of this happening is incredibly low,” says Wij.

The specifics of the projects Neuralink remains a mystery. What is known is that the startup is developing a “neural lace”, which will allow to strengthen the link between the human brain and computers.