New ISS crew launched from Baikonur rocket “Soyuz-FG”

New ISS crew launched from Baikonur rocket “Soyuz-FG”


The carrier rocket “Soyuz-FG” with manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS-07” and a new crew was launched from Baikonur to International space station (ISS), RIA Novosti reported.

On Board the “Union” are the astronaut of Roskosmos Anton shkaplerov, NASA astronaut Scott tingle and JAXA astronaut Norishige Kanae.

The ISS crew will be given a number of important tasks. In February 2018, for example, Anton and Alexander Shkaplerov Misurkin that is already on Board the ISS, have to work in open space — where they will have to replace the block of the satellite antenna system “Luch”, working without a break for 17 years. As a result of modernization in the Russian segment of the ISS will have its own line of communication with the Earth, which will run continuously. In addition, the Russian astronauts will have the opportunity to use the Internet — now they have to go into it with equipment from NASA, thus occupying the channel colleagues.

At the moment the ship has separated from the launch vehicle. Docking will take place on 19 Dec 11: 42 Moscow time and will run automatically. Docking with the ISS takes place in a two-day scheme, according to Roscosmos.