New old theater

New old theater


Actor Yuri Solomin — the notion of “modernity” in theater arts

Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”

On March 27 we commemorate the international day of theatre. Of course, as in any family, in our theatrical community today, there are differences. And the burning question is, what exactly should be meant by “contemporary theatre”. Today there is a special category of theatres calling themselves “modern”. Against this it is difficult to say something, and they can be called whatever you like, but, in my opinion, modernity is not primarily the form and the relevant issues and content.

And I think that it is not necessary to redraw the great ideas of Shakespeare or Dostoevsky in their own way. The viewer who comes to the theatre of Ostrovsky in the Maly theatre, he concludes, without pointing finger of the Directors in the form of reinterpretation of the classics. The Director’s vision must coincide with the range of issues raised in their works the authors.

Take any classic — they have already described the global and eternal problems of man. There are about love, and about deception, and about the business if you want. So divided the theatrical community on the concept of “modern” and “traditional” (old) theatre wrong. What does an old theater? Here we play now on the Big stage, Lermontov, Gorky, Ostrovsky in the classic manner — and all tickets are sold.

Contemporary theatre, in my understanding, is the first new drama. In the days of my youth was pink, Arbuzov, Shukshin, and no one thought that these playwrights have to put only the modern theater. And at the Maly theater at the time was their performances. No problem then it was not, but today, apparently, someone needed to create it.

At the time, Stanislavsky not hide the fact that he studied at the artists of the Maly theater, as well as several other prominent figures of the scene. However, if all innovators in the theatre world had a respect for the Russian theatre. Even with the advent of Meyerhold and Tairov did not have any antagonistic relationship. On the contrary, when there was some kind of trouble and bitterness, many leading actors have found refuge and work in the Maly theater.

Now comes the separation of the theatrical “family”. Many have the idea that modern theatre can be anything, including obscene language. But for me — it is not theater, and disorderly conduct. Classics such in his works, wrote. And these words, perhaps, was not. Although Pushkin sometimes slips something spicy, but he cleverly “twists” the ellipsis, leaving the possibility to choose the desired language to the reader or viewer. I teach my students that an ellipsis is unsaid thought. And you need to be able to present it as an actor, not inserted instead of a dot a few letters, believing that this is the “modernity” of the theater.

In Day of theatre, I urge all my colleagues to the Guild solidarity. Because the theatre, as though it may sound trivial, it still performs an educational function. In Asia, Africa, America or in Russia, everywhere has its own theatre, and it is intended to awaken in man his best quality.

Recently, the theater is visited by a lot of young people, and I, of course, pleases. I do believe that culture should be taught as early as possible. Unfortunately, children often do not know basic things. Once my audition was a girl with a good actress data. Tell her to sing to me, please, something. She sang in English. I stopped her, asked in Russian. The girl was thinking. They say, well, at least “In Fiddler on the roof” sing. She looked at me as if she discovered America. Began to read the monologue of Chekhov Nina. Ask her what pieces this passage? She paused. It turns out that the girl’s “the Seagull” did not read, and the text was taken from the Internet. Thus aesthetic education, expanding horizons from a very early age. And this is exactly what can be obtained with the help of theatrical art.

I congratulate all viewers and colleagues with our common holiday. Will, of course, in Russia and contemporary theatre, and classical. And let’s work together to make common cause, bringing people a feast of light pointing at the vices and doctoring of the soul. Happy holidays, friends!

Author — people’s artist of the USSR, artistic Director of the Maly theatre