New presidential adviser for national security for tough response to Moscow

New presidential adviser for national security for tough response to Moscow


Новый советник президента по национальной безопасности – за жесткий ответ Москве

John Bolton is a supporter of a strong reaction to Russia’s actions

John Bolton, whom the President of the United States Donald trump decided to make the new national security adviser, is known not only as “hawk” in his views on North Korea and Iran, but also as a man who speaks for the fact that the United States gave a tough response to Russian aggression against the West and the rest of the world

According to Bolton, after the attacks of Russian nerve agents on a former double agent and his daughter in the UK, the United States demonstrated that acting together with its allies.

“I think you saw the statement by the four leaders of Germany, France, great Britain and the United States.I believe that this is a very good evidence that the four consider this (problem) equally,” he said last week the correspondent of Sky News, responding to a question whether the US and its allies to take a tougher stance towards Russia.

In the discussion that took place in February – before trump announced his intention to appoint Bolton by the national security adviser, – the politician has told about how, in his opinion, the US should respond to Russia’s intervention in the presidential election in 2016.

“Regardless, did (Russian) to collude with the staff of trump or with the headquarters of Clinton, their interference is unacceptable. It is really an attack on the Constitution of the United States,” Bolton said, speaking at the Higher school of national security named after Daniel Morgan in Washington.

A massive response

Former US Ambassador to the UN called for “massive” response to Moscow.

“Whatever they did in the elections in 2016, I think we should respond in cyberspace and in other areas,” said Bolton. – I don’t think the response should be proportionate. I think it needs to be disproportionate. Because deterrence works when you convince your opponent that he will pay dearly for what I wanted to fill you in on costs.”

In a review in the Daily Telegraph in July last year, Bolton went even further, arguing that Russian President Vladimir Putin watched Trump in the eye and lied to him, when he denied the Russian government’s interference in the American elections.

“This is really a “casus belli “, a real act of war, and Washington will never stand for it. For trump, it should become a very useful lesson related to the nature of the leadership of Russia to see how Putin is lying to him,” wrote Bolton.

Putin denied that the attack on the American elections stood his government, but acknowledged that some Russians may have been involved in it.

For his part, trump has repeatedly downplayed Russia’s intervention in U.S. elections, stating that the results of the vote “was not affected or modified by the Russians.”

Trump repeatedly called spectaculorum led by Robert Mueller investigation of the Russian intervention in elections and the possible coordination with the headquarters trump’s “fake” and “witch hunt”.

“Every time he [Putin] sees me, he says,” I didn’t do it “. And I believe – I do believe – that when he tells me about it, that’s what he has in mind,” said trump journalists in November last year, answering the question of what Putin denies the Russian involvement in cyber attacks.


Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow told “voice of America” that Putin may have to temper their hopes for a friendly relationship with trump, when Bolton will join the presidential team.

“We now have John Bolton, which is very tightly configured in relation to Russia, – said Vershbow. (He) comes to the White house next month, so I hope Russia will make some conclusions from this and will seek ways to conduct a less confrontational policy towards the West,” – said Vershbow.

Harry Kazianis (analyst from the Center for the national interest) shared the opinion that Moscow should assess changes in Washington.

“I think that John Bolton is the worst nightmare for Russia. He was a hawk against Russiaon throughout his career, he has always advocated a tough stance towards Moscow”, – emphasizes Kazianis. – I see that Bolton is recommending many changes in politics, one of which is the continued supply of weapons to Ukraine.”

Bolton does not need the approval of his candidacy by the Senate and will begin work at the White house on 9 April.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon chief James Mattis told reporters that he had “no reservations” and “no problem” about joint working with Bolton and a possible divergence of views.

“I hope that the difference in views is,’ said Mattis.– It is normal jelatelno, unless you want everyone to think the same.”