New US strategy: a nuclear triad plus new items

New US strategy: a nuclear triad plus new items


Новая стратегия США: ядерная триада плюс новые элементы

Experts call for immediate modernization of the U.S. nuclear Arsenal

Almost 30 years after the end of the cold war issues of nuclear defence and deterrence is once again the center of attention. Earlier this month, the Pentagon unveiled a new strategy which envisages the modernization of nuclear forces by air, land and sea-based, the so-called nuclear triad, as well as making two changes in the U.S. nuclear Arsenal.

It is expected that the period of operation of ground, air and naval components of the American nuclear potential will come to an end in the next decade.

According to experts, if the United States take urgent measures to modernize the weapons, the mission of the Arsenal is that of keeping other countries from using nuclear weapons – could be under threat.

“There is a perception that the US actions could lead to an arms race, says Michaela Dodge of the Heritage Foundation. But I believe that the arms race is already underway. However, the United States do not participate in it.

According to analysts, Russia and China bypassed the United States for 20 years in the modernization of its nuclear programs.

In addition, the approaching threat of nuclear weapons by North Korea and Iran.

To adapt to this changing situation, the Pentagon urges to make two additional elements in the U.S. nuclear Arsenal.

The first nuclear cruise missiles of sea basing, which had already been in the United States during the cold war.

Second – ballistic missiles, submarine-based. It is expected that they will become an obstacle to the implementation of a possible nuclear aspirations the biggest enemy of America – Russia – concerning the application of its tactical nuclear weapons in a conflict on a small scale.

“I would prefer that we returned to the path we were ten years ago, when both sides were reduced the role of nuclear weapons in its foreign policy,” says Michael O’hanlon analyst from the Brookings Institute. “However,” he continues, “I do not think that Russia now leaves us with a choice, so temporarily we should be a little more aggressive than I would prefer”.

The strategy adopted by the Obama administration in 2010, was intended to strike a balance between the movement to the ultimate goal – a nuclear-free world and simultaneously maintaining secure and effective Arsenal. The document adopted by the administration trump focuses mainly on the second point – saving Arsenal America, while arms control is relegated to the background.