New year’s eve in the United States and in other countries intensified...

New year’s eve in the United States and in other countries intensified security measures


Накануне Нового года в США и в других странах усиливаются меры безопасности

Scale operation of intelligence services are part of the holidays

Hundreds of thousands of security personnel, police and military will be on duty new year’s eve around the world in order to ensure the safety of those who meets in 2018.

The authorities in new York announced that they will block streets, a two-step searches, snipers and trained dogs to security at times square, where about 2 million people will gather to see the annual drop of the crystal ball.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, to fifteen hundred police officers will be joined by three hundred national guards, to provide security for the famous Strip, where casinos and hotels. In the New year, the world capital of gambling is visited by about three hundred thousand tourists.

In South America, in Rio de Janeiro, the police plans to increase the number of security forces during the Christmas holidays to 12 thousand, which is 20 percent more than last year. The military police announced that it will cancel vacation for employees, in order to shift enough people.

In London a record number of armed police and patrol dogs will be watching the celebrations, providing security, including in the subway.

In Germany all major cities, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne have announced that increase the number of police officers during the holidays.

In Istanbul the police have arrested 120 person suspected of having links with the “Islamic state”. The city plans to double the number of police officers in order to prevent possible incidents.

In India, more than 300,000 security officers will guard popular place of stay in Mumbai.

In Australia, which was among the first countries to celebrate New year, the security services are ready to prevent possible terrorist attacks in the new year’s eve. In the heart of Sydney needs to gather more than one million people, and at least half a million will watch the fireworks in Melbourne.