New York: rose “Mecca” of art-house cinema

New York: rose “Mecca” of art-house cinema


Нью-Йорк: закрывается «мекка» артхаусного кино

Cinema Lincoln Plaza Cinema ceases to exist

“This is a disaster!” exclaims the Professor at the University of the new school, film historian Tony Anemon.

We are talking about the upcoming closure of one of the most popular among fans of art house movie theaters new York – Lincoln Plaza Cinema. That this shestibalny center, established in 1981, stop working, reported by several publications and websites.

“I just killed, terribly upset by Anemone on his page in Facebook the film distributor of foreign films Isil Baghdadi. – I am proud to have shown there are a number of films and doing their advertising. This year alone I’ve released there to hire four wonderful movie… simply put, no other such cinema is not, and that’s terrible news for all of us working in the field of independent cinema. The end of an era of art-house and hire another blow to the cultural landscape of new York”.

Repair and subtitles

Located on the corner of Broadway and 62nd street, a few blocks from the complex of buildings of the Lincoln center film center Lincoln Plaza Cinema occupies the basement of a residential building. According to the movie website IndieWire, it is run in partnership by the founder of the pre-existing car rental company New Yorker Films Dan Talbot, the French film company Gaumont and investment real estate firm Milstein Properties, which owns this building.

Observers say that Howard Milstein, head of Milstein Properties, the past few months looking for a buyer for this property. As for Dan Talbott, informed sources report that the last year he was sick and even went to the Cannes film festival, which usually for many years selected films for exhibition.

According to website Deadline, the wife of Talbott’s 89-year-old Toby, whom he married 68 years, “we have done everything possible to lease the contract was extended,” but it was to no avail as Milstein “wants to make money and ready for it all”.

Toby Talbot is the author of books of memoirs about the activities of the now defunct New Yorker theater (he functioned in different years under different names) and her husband, released in 2009, with a Foreword by Martin Scorsese.

The rental company of Dan Talbot’s New Yorker Films, which started its activity in 1965, showed American viewers more than 400 art-house films, including “Shoah,” Claude lanzman, “Aguirre, the wrath of God,” Werner Herzog, and “the Decalogue” by Krzysztof Kieslowski, a tape of such giants of world cinema such as Federico Fellini, Jacques-Luc Godard, woody Allen and Robert Altman.

In an interview with the newspaper “new York times” in 2011, during the Cannes film festival, Dan Talbot, complaining about complexity, called the film “not a business, and casino”.

The press service of the company, Milstein Properties released the following statement: “Milstein Properties has built a building at 30 Lincoln Plaza in 1978. We are longstanding members of this community and play a Central role in the creation and management of this special theater. The building and grounds require vital structural repairs and protection from water. The proposed work cannot be carried out while this space continues to function. We will start them when in the near future to expire lease (cinema). Upon completion, we intend to use this area of cinema, who will continue to carry their cultural mission.”

“I don’t believe that the owners will open a new theater that will specialize in showing serious foreign films with subtitles, – believes Professor Anemon. – However, I hope my cynicism will prove to be wrong.”

The end of the routine

These days the repertoire of the Lincoln Plaza Cinema historical drama of Joe Wright’s “Dark times” (Darkest Hour), Comedy from woody Allen’s “Wheel of wonder” (Wonder Wheel) and experimental animated film “With love, Vincent” (Loving Vincent) about the tragic fate of Vincent van Gogh.

“There is a reason to be upset, – told the correspondent of “voice of America”, Beverly Jones, was buying a ticket at the box office of the theater on film “With love, Vincent.” – I live near here and this became my routine. Once a week I go here to watch the movie. Those who chooses films, good taste. As a rule, interesting films, even if they do not like me. And watch space fantasy does not appeal to me”.

“Cinemas with tiny halls – it’s very new York style, to me he’s handsome, is the opinion of another viewer, programmer Caleb, who lives in Brooklyn. – I come here with my friend because we here like to spend time. Alas, all is unified, subject to the standards of large corporations. I think their word to say of the Association of residents of these areas”.

In the upcoming closure of the Lincoln Plaza Cinema, which is called the “Mecca” of independent and foreign films, you can see the continuation of a disturbing trend in business small art house cinemas that are replaced by technologically advanced multiplexes focused exclusively on Hollywood blockbusters.

Although hopes enthusiasts intelligent movie even warmer, skeptics believe that even a temporary closure of a popular shestidennomu cinema on Broadway will deal a crushing blow to the rental of non-commercial cinema. In this regard, they remind that the success of such discussion films as “Fahrenheit 9/11” Michael Moore, began with an exclusive screening at Lincoln Plaza Cinema, then this and other tapes of such a plan went into other cinemas, has gained popularity and won prizes at film industry, including the “Golden globe” and “Oscar”.

New rules of the game

Earlier, city press in new York reported on the upcoming closure in January of an Outpost of independent cinema on the Lower East side’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema. In November, the city management of residential buildings has received the application of the owners of the building, the existing 108 years, for the demolition of the theater and construction on the site of a multistory building. The decision of the authorities has not yet been reported. Interestingly, the owners of Landmark intended for demolition, in September opened vosmitonny multiplex on 57th street near the Hudson river on the West side.

Another small independent four-hall movie theatre in downtown Quad Cinema on 13th street in Greenwich village, recently purchased Magnat real estate Charles Cohen. His future plans have not yet been reported. By the way, at the Quad Cinema in early December on the new York premiere of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s “Dislike”.

As main causes for the decline of independent film distribution website Deadline calls the growing expansion of care (see “streaming” of video, including movies and television shows on electronic media) and the gentrification of previously undervalued areas of such major cities as new York. The gentrification is the process of improving the social status of the area, resulting in increased rents and low-income tenants and small businesses have to leave the area.

At the same time, experts note that the new time, the new demands of the public require “Paraschiv” highly artistic movie to change things up, the rules of the game.

So, the new cinema Alamo square Albee in Brooklyn attracts the public service, including alcohol, directly in the cinema, and a mixed repertoire, where the new series of “Star wars” is adjacent to Arthouse favorites “Lady Bird” (Lady Bird) and “Woe to the Creator” (The Disaster Artist).

Metrograph and cinema on the Lower East side of Manhattan is committed to interest is the most radical segment of the intellectual stuff, carefully crafted programs which flashed the names of marginalized creators and the names of controversial and esoteric films.

Another key to Arthouse address new York city cinema Film Forum on Houston street, plans in may and June next year with the renovation and expansion.

  • Нью-Йорк: закрывается «мекка» артхаусного кино

    Oleg Sulkin

    Journalist, film critic, correspondent of Russian service “voice of America” in new York.