Nicotinamide ribozid can become the “anti-aging pill”

Nicotinamide ribozid can become the “anti-aging pill”


Scientists have long suspected that calorie restriction can eliminate the physiological signs of aging. Research on fruit flies, round worms, rodents and even humans EN masse have shown that reducing consumed calories by about a third can do a great service to health and in some cases prolong a healthy life. From the point of view of public health it would be impractical and dangerous to advise people undernourished. However, the new study, researchers from the University of Colorado at boulder shows that when people consume a daily natural dietary Supplement of nicotinamide ribozid — it mimics caloric restriction by activating the same chemical pathways that enhance health in the case of the above diet.

Also the Supplement improves blood pressure and health, especially in patients with mild hypertension.

“It was the first ever study in which a new connection was given to people for a certain time,” says senior author Doug Seals, Professor and researcher Department of integrative physiology. “We found that it is well tolerated and apparently activate the same key biological mechanisms as calorie restriction”.

In a study published in the journal Nature Communications, Sils and lead author Chris Martens examined 24 lean and healthy men and women aged 55 to 79 years from boulder.

Half were given a placebo for six weeks and then a 500-mg dose of nicotinamide ribozid chloride (NIAGEN) twice a day. The other half took the drug during the first six weeks and then a placebo.

At the end of each treatment period, the scientists took blood samples and carried out physiological measurements. The participants were not told about the unpleasant effects.

It turned out that the 1,000-milligram dose of nicotinamide ribozid increases levels of another substance — nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) by 60%. NAD+ is required for activation of enzymes called sirtuins as well, which largely explain the beneficial effects of calorie restriction. He is involved in many metabolic processes throughout the body but decreases with age in the composition.

Scientists have suggested that using an evolutionary survival mechanism, the body maintains NAD+ in the face of calorie restriction. But the idea of Supplement this the process of the so-called NAD+precursors like nicotinamide ribozid of scientists began to consider not so long ago.

“The logic is that, providing seniors with nicotinamide ribozid, we not only saved what was lost in the aging process (NAD+) but also potentially increase the activity of enzymes responsible for help in protecting our body from stress,” says Martens.

Also the study revealed that 13 participants with elevated blood pressure or first degree hypertension systolic blood pressure was about 10 points lower after taking. A reduction of this magnitude can lead to a 25 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack.