Nissan will supply the autopilot from Mars

Nissan will supply the autopilot from Mars


An intelligent system from Nissan

Japanese car manufacturer Nissan at the meeting in Las Vegas the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) introduced a number of developments in the field of intelligent transportation and connected vehicles (connected cars). The presentation was hosted by Nissan President Carlos Ghosn (Carlos Ghosn).

In particular, there was a demonstration of Seamless system operation Autonomous Mobility (SAM, “seamless Autonomous mobility”), created with the participation of NASA. It is intended for future vehicles with Autonomous control and will be used in unusual situations.

When the artificial intelligence is not enough

During the demonstration, demonstrated the scenario when the auxiliary control is in the zone of a traffic accident. At this point, the movement is controlled manually by police officers and does not correspond to road markings and traffic signals.

For such situations developed by SAM. Installed in the car special sensors will be able to determine that the situation on the road does not allow the control system of cars to make their own decision. In this case, the connection to the control center, which will be specially trained managers.

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